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Chahal Academy is An Institute That Believes in "You"! We are Here to Help You Achieve Your Dreams, The Dreams Which Others Only Dream About!

We at Chahal Academy follow a unique tested methodology, which helps students to achieve their dream of cracking UPSC CSE and becoming an IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS officer. We have 20+ Centres Across India: Delhi, Surat, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Pune, Mumbai, Ranchi, Kanpur, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Raipur, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bhopal, Guwahati, Jabalpur, Lucknow, Banglore.

Our Faculty Team

At Chahal Academy, you will find some of the finest educators of Premier Universities. Most of our faculty members are drawn from Delhi University or those having experience of clearing UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination and appeared in an interview atleast two-three times. We also invite serving officers and exam toppers for guest lectures.

Chahal Academy

How to secure AIR-1 and Become an IAS Topper?

To get a rank in UPSC, you need to work hard.
To get an All-India Rank 1, you need to be clever.

How Kanishak Kataria (2018-19 Topper) Could Secure an AIR-1?

Although most of us thinks that it was his first attempt, he had already appeared in UPSC Civil Services Examinination 2014 and could not qualify. So, technically this was his second attempt.

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How Anudeep Durishetty (2017-18 Topper) Could Secure an AIR-1?

Anudeep Durishetty failed UPSC Civil Services Examinination 2016. He was absolutely shattered by his marks and blamed almost everyone except himself for his defeat.

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How you can also get an All India Rank-1 and top the list?

Apart from maintaining discipline, working smart and hard, relentless practice; a well-thought out strategy and time management, you need to be filled with a burning desire, hunger and restlessness.

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Standard Tests As Per Latest Trend

Knowledge is of No Value Unless You Put it into Practice.

It is a proven concept that test series helps students to know their subjectwise strength and weakness so that they can improve & don’t commit such mistake in the actual exam.

Chahal Academy Library for UPSC & GPSC Exam Aspirants
UPSC 2017-18 Topper Giving Exam Preparation Tips

The classrooms at Chahal Academy are designed in a way that they provide a conducive environment which is needed for adequate learning with all the modern teaching aids.

Where Knowledge is imparted, opinions are shared, characters are sown and leaders are grown.
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