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Best IAS Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Do you want to become an IAS/IPS officer? You will then need the Best IAS coaching in Chandigarh so you do not have to move from your city. You can register for a Free Counseling session at Chahal Academy, one of the Best UPSC Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. Our corporate office is located in Delhi. Now, IAS/IPS aspirants from Chandigarh need not go to Delhi for Civil Services Exam coaching as Chahal Academy has opened its new branch in Chandigarh. The faculty team at Chahal academy in Chandigarh consists of teachers from the Delhi office. They travel back and forth so students can get the best learning experience.

Chahal Academy is the best UPSC coaching institute in Chandigarh as per the Education Council of India. We are also the fastest-growing Civil Services coaching institute in Chandigarh.

At Chahal Academy, we pay attention to self-assessment. So, mock tests help to keep a check on the growth of a student. We prepare IAS/UPSC foundation courses which are planned in such a way that students find it easy to complete the syllabus on time.

Best UPSC Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Conducted by UPSC every year, Civil Service Examination is an All-India level competitive examination.

The purpose of this examination is to churn out the best minds to take over one of the most prestigious services of India i.e. Civil Services.

It tests a candidate’s personal attributes like ability to put in hard work, perseverance, communication skills, power of memory, concentration, focus, planning, commitment to the goal etc.

Ans: Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) are two of the most reputed All-India services. Union Public Service Commission conducts Civil Services Examination every year to recruit IAS/IPS and other services at all-India level.

Following is the process of becoming an IAS or IPS officer:

  • Read the UPSC CSE Notification thoroughly.
  • Know the exam syllabus, eligibility criteria among other things.
  • Go through the UPSC exam time table. Know the exam dates, date of applying and other important dates.
  • Apply for UPSC CSE prelims examination on UPSC official website.
  • Study for the CSE examination.
  • Clear the prelims examination.
  • Apply for mains examination by filling up Detailed Application Form (DAF) sent to you online by UPSC.
  • Study well and clear the MAINS examination.
  • Try to score as much marks in mains as you can.
  • Do well in the interview stage.
  • Wait for the official announcement of CSE results.
  • Clear the final interview stage.
  • Secure a good rank.
  • Become an IAS/IPS Officer.

Ans: Joining a coaching institute offers a plethora of benefits:

  1. Right guidance – The what and how of UPSC.
  2. All the Study material in one place.
  3. Class Notes- One must revise them consistently.
  4. Faculty feedback- a feedback from people who have had direct exposure to UPSC.
  5. Current affairs in brief- usually all the coaching institutes provide a monthly magazine which has a short summary of all the important current affairs of the entire month.
  6. Seminars, guest lectures, workshops by many successful candidates and retired IAS,IPS officers
  7. Unbiased Assessment of your answers by experts and discussions to improve your answer.
  8. Simple explanation of difficult topics by experts.
  9. Competitive peer groups.
  10. Many other intangible benefits.
  11. However, if you cannot afford a coaching, you can get access to all the coaching materials from the market including class notes and test series.

Chahal Academy, UPSC Coaching Centre in Chandigarh places emphasis on critical self-assessment of IAS aspirants. The IAS/UPSC foundation courses are planned and strategized in a way so that candidates can cover the vast UPSC/IAS Exam syllabus without any additional mental pressure.

Available Courses for Civil Services Coaching in Chandigarh:-

Sr. Types of Courses and Features
1. Study Material in Hard Copy (NCERT Books + Standard Reference Books)
2. All India Prelims Test Series (30 Tests)
3. All India Current Affairs Test Series (22 Tests)
4. All India NCERT Test Series (16 Tests)
5. All India Mains Test Series (10 Tests)
6. Current Affairs Monthly Magazine Subscription (12 Months)
7. Mock Interview Preparation (Video Recorded)
8. 1 Year Batch
9. 2 Year Batch
10. Unlimited Batch
1 Year, 2 Year & Unlimited Batch includes: Prelims + Mains + Interview Preparation + Study Material in Hard Copy + All India NCERT Test Series + All India Prelims Test Series + Regular Mains Answer Writing Practice + Current Affairs Monthly Magazine.

Fee Structure - Affordable IAS Coaching Fee Structure in Chandigarh

IAS coaching fees range from Rs. 80,000 to even 2 lakhs. Many students will not be able to afford the Best IAS coaching in Chandigarh if the fees is too high. We at Chahal academy offer the IAS course at a very affordable rate. We understand that a student's career should not be bound by financial restraints. So, we provide a quality faculty team, best classroom teaching, study material, test series all under a budget.

IAS Coaching Fee Structure for Chahal Academy, Chandigarh

Batch Duration FEE (without installments) FEE (if paid in installments) Inclusions
One Year Batch Rs.1,10,000/- Rs.1,40,000/- GS Main Paper-I, II, III, IV+
Essay + GS Prelims + CSAT +
Prelims Test Series +
Study Material (hard copy) +
Current Affairs Magazine
Two Year Batch Rs.1,40,000/- Rs.1,70,000/-
Three Years Batch Rs.1,70,000/- Rs.2,00,000/-
UNLIMITED BATCH Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.2,30,000/-

Note: Above fee is for offline course and does not includes coaching for optional subject and online courses.

Online IAS Coaching - Chahal Academy

We also offer online coaching for IAS and PPCS coaching in Chandigarh. We understand that not everybody has the time to attend physical classes. Travelling takes up a lot of time and the comfort of at-home learning is unmatched. Many are full-time college students or are engaged in work. So, we bring forward to you online IAS coaching for UPSC and PPCS coaching in Chandigarh.

Fees for UPSC/IAS Online Live Classes is Rs.75,000/- Only.

Also Get UPSC/IAS Online Recorded Classes Just at Rs.25,000/- Only.

Batch Timings for IAS Coaching in Chandigarh :-

Regular General Studies Coaching Classes (Monday – Friday) Weekend Classes (Saturday - Sunday)
Morning Batch Evening Batch Saturday Batch Sunday Batch
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM 6:15 PM to 8:15 PM 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Why Chahal Academy is Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh:-

Here are the reasons why we are the leading institute for IAS/PPCS coaching in Chandigarh.

  • Awarded by Education Council of India as the fastest-growing Civil Services Exam Coaching Institute in India.
  • Team of faculty members

    Our faculty team with proven methods of teaching increase your probability of success. At Chahal, constant motivation and guidance are provided as it develops the student amidst the classroom crowd. All our faculty belong to the Delhi Corporate office. So, a quality faculty team with multiple years of experience will guide and teach you. You will succeed with the right push in the right direction.

  • Personal Guidance

    We care about you. So, we make sure that students who are not able to cope up with classroom lectures or certain portions, get personal guidance. The teacher identifies the students and provides the necessary counseling or else the student may approach the teacher.

  • Branches

    We have over 18 branches all over India and will introduce 8 more branches. This shows our credibility and demand by students for our support and advice.

  • Affordable Fee Structure

    The best IAS coaching in Chandigarh like ours will provide tutoring at a very affordable rate. You do not have to worry about high fees for offline and online IAS coaching. We provide the best quality with the best price for IAS coaching in Chandigarh.

    We also have options for installments because we understand this will give you a chance to avail the benefits of coaching even if you are short on money at the moment. This helps a long way and lessens the financial burden at one go.It is one of the most useful tips on how to select IAS coaching.

  • Batch Size

    Chahal Academy believes in a decent student-teacher ratio. Overcrowding always hampers the learning experience. This way students will be able to interact with the teacher better. We also have morning, evening, and weekend batches only for you.

  • Level of Dedication

    We have your best interests in our hearts!! You must have come across this line many times. Of course, our goal is to help you achieve your dreams too. But, we do not want you to listen to us. We want you to attend our demo classes so you can decide for yourself. Well, of course, your dedication and hard work will lead you where you want to be but you will need the right support system. Our demo classes will help you understand our dedication to your future and our fee structure helps to make IAS coaching affordable.

  • Study Material

    High quality of study material is a must. Moreover, we provide ample relevant sources for your perusal. You can read and make notes out of them. Coverage of basics with All India NCERT based Test Series is done. Special focus on Current affairs with All India Current Affairs Test Series. All reference books including NCERT books are given in hard or soft copy.

  • Online IAS Coaching

    Traveling and attending classes can be a huge task for many, especially for college students and working people. Therefore, we provide online IAS as well as PPCS coaching in Chandigarh for candidates who do not wish to or are not able to join the offline classes.

  • Past Achievements

    We have produced over 60 successful candidates in the UPSC exam since we started off. There has been a huge leap in our achievements when compared to previous years. Further, we strive to continue this growth by teaching and guiding our students with full dedication and smart work.

  • Testimonials

    You can go through the testimonials on our website to get a touch of the real picture. These will act as confidence and push you to work hard. We will help you throughout your journey of IAS coaching.

  • Mock Tests

    Mock tests are key to IAS preparation. The SWOT analysis – Strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats is a method that we use to examine the overall growth of a student. We ensure that the tests are unique and of standard quality because it helps to assess your growth at a personal as well as national level.

  • Mock Interviews

    We also have provisions for mock interviews. Students face the actual pressure and get an idea of what they will be asked in the real interview. These mock sessions will lead to success by helping you clear the UPSC exam.

  • Extra Classes

    You might miss out on classes due to some emergency or other work. We understand that 100% attendance is not possible. So, there will be extra classes for our students because we believe in helping you reach your maximum potential. We are ready to invest in your future. The question is - Are you ready too?

  • Coaching Duration

    We at Chahal provide you with the chance to pick a course(1/2/3 years or even unlimited) according to your needs and time. From school students to college students to working professionals, we have covered all in our hands. We have provided a table above to help you choose your best bet.

Our Methodology

At Chahal Academy, we follow a proven and polished system of training that has been developed over the years to increase your chances of selection.

  • A complimentary course of PPCS coaching in Chandigarh along with UPSC/IAS coaching - - A student is offered a complementary course for the Punjab Administrative Services Exam when he/she enrolls for IAS coaching. You do not have to pay for it separately. This course will be complimentary for students who would like to prepare for both the exams. Thus, the PPCS course is 100% free with IAS coaching.
  • Study Material for both IAS and PPCS exams
  • Expert guidance - We have a team of expert faculty, separately for both the exams.
  • Proficient Faculty Team

    having immense experience, following tested and unique pedagogy and especially who are passionate about teaching and helping students.

    Modest Batch Size

    Small batch size to maintain individual attention and resolve doubts or confusion related to each subject or topic.

    Complete Study Material

    having comprehensive coverage of topics to ensure that student focus only on relevant knowledge and quickly acquire the ability to crack the examination.

    Free Guest Lectures

    by senior bureaucrats, eminent scholars and exam toppers for the intellectual development of students through their experience.

    All India Test Series

    a proven concept that test series with quality evaluation, unlocks your best potential and increases your chances of selection.

    Complete Exam Exposure

    considering the latest trend and actual standards of examination prelims and mains test series with free mock interviews.

    Why most IAS aspirants come to Chandigarh for IAS Coaching?

    The Union Territory of Chandigarh is well-planned, has the highest per capita incomes, ranks on top in Human Development Index and is reportedly the happiest city in India. The youth of Chandigarh is very competitive and is getting increasingly indulged in IAS coaching in Chandigarh to appear in the Civil Services Examination.

    Our vision is to convert this competitive talent into efficient bureaucrats who will work in broader National Interest rather than narrow self-interest. The best UPSC coaching in Chandigarh i.e. Chahal Academy can be a boon for all those IAS Aspirants who are in their initial stage of preparation. Undoubtedly, for the reasons mentioned above. Chahal Academy is the best IAS coaching institute in Chandigarh. In addition to this, we are consistent in producing all India top ranks in the Civil services examination.

    How to choose UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Chandigarh?

    Since we have understood the importance of joining IAS coaching institute through our FAQ section, the next dilemma is how to choose a right UPSC coaching center in Chandigarh as every IAS coaching institute claims itself to best.

    There is no accurate answer to this question, but a candidate should keep the following factors in mind before joining civil services exam coaching institute-

    Batch size- Institute with a limited number of students per batch will help in better learning. Many institutes in Chandigarh have a batch size of 80-100+ where it is very difficult to understand what is being taught. So, choose a coaching institute with limited students.

    Talk to Alumni- One of the best ways to choose the best IAS coaching institute is to try to talk to ex-students at the institute and get to know about their experience.

    Check Reviews- Go through the reviews on google and social media. This can give you some idea about the IAS coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

    Past Results- Try to verify whether results being shown by the UPSC coaching center in Chandigarh are genuine or not. You can check through their YouTube channel also.

    Fee Structure- Fees for IAS Coaching institute in Chandigarh is usually very high. But many good affordable options are available these days. It makes no sense to pay a very high fee when one can find a good coaching institute at an affordable price. So, avoid paying a very high fee for Civil Services Exam Coaching in Chandigarh.

    Faculty- One should check whether faculty teaching at IAS/IPS coaching institute in Chandigarh have a good grasp of Civil Services examination background or not apart from having good experience.

    Study Material- Many UPSC coaching centers in Chandigarh provide their study material and avoid important reference books and NCERTS. Once the student joins the coaching centre, they realize later that they need to purchase reference books and NCERT books by themselves. One should verify that recommended reference books as well as NCERT Books are being given in hard or soft copies.

    Test Series- Your success in civil services examination depends mainly upon the timely self-analysis and progress you are making. Quality test series should be provided to you. One should ascertain whether the test series provided by IAS Coaching centers in Chandigarh cover standard reference books, relevant current affairs and is in alignment with the civil services examination pattern.

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