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How to Start Current Affairs Preparation for IAS/IPS/UPSC Exam 2019-20?

How to Start Current Affairs Preparation for IAS/IPS/UPSC Exam?

Step 1.

Be familiar with civil services examination pattern, i.e. demand of exam in all stages prelims (facts), mains (analysis, opinion, interlinkages, written communication etc.) and interview (overall personality, verbal communication)

Step 2.

Read syllabus of civil service examination both of Prelims & Mains thoroughly(especially Mains as it is well defined compared to Prelims) with related instructions.

Step 3.

 Now while Reading Newspaper be selective-for any NEWS to be read relate the news article with syllabus, then study the article carefully-


If news is that England won ashes series 4/0 beating Australia or Kareena Kapoor ischarging 10 crore for a movie. You cannot relate this news with your syllabus, so

these news are useless for your civil service exam preparation.

But if there is news on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visiting Pakistan for talks – then you can relate this news with “India and its neighborhood relations “of General Studies 2 paper.

Now after reading THINK-ANALYSE the NEWS item by using the details in article (if the content given in article is not sufficient then you may take use of INTERNET or any other REFERENCE BOOK or your previous KNOWLEDGE about the topic) to have 360° view of topic.

Still if you are not clear or have any doubt then you can ask your concerned teacher (if news is related to particular subject i.e. polity / economy / science etc. you can ask your respective teacher)

Step 4. Sources to refer


  • Newspaper ( any one )- The Hindu , Indian Expres
  • Government Magazine- Yojana (Monthly- published by Government of India)


  • 1. Websites (be selective and balanced use)–
  • 2. insightsonindia
  • 3. iasbaba
  • 4. xaam.in
  • 5. india.gov.in
  • 6. pib.nic.in
  • 7. newsonair.nic.in
  • 8. wikipedia
  • 9. Kurukshetra
  • 10. News Magazine – Frontline ( Fortnightly)
  • 11. Career Magazine ( any one )- Civil Service Chronicle or Civil Services Times( Monthly)
  • 12. India Year Book by publication division , Government of India (Yearly )