Best IAS/IPS/UPSC Coaching Institute

Our Speciality

  •   Special classes focusing on solving problems by applying shortcut methods.
  •   Special focus on time-saving techniques to enhance speed.
  •   Special practice tests to improve accuracy and speed.
  •   Refresher classes to strengthen fundamental concepts.
  •   Unique innovative methods for every section of question paper.

No dictation is given, only discussion is conducted in the class. Materials are provided in printed and handwritten form. Most of the institution provides class dictation which consume 50% of the course time period. Hence, our 6 months course is equivalent to 12 months course of other institutions. This is the reason, why most of the coaching do not cover full course in the session. However, we cover entire course with due conceptual clarity.

Our Faculty

Led by our Director, Mr. Sumesh Chahal, CHAHAL ACADEMY today attracts some of the finest educators from premier universities and research institutions. Many of our faculty members are drawn from Delhi University and renowned institutions and all those who have UPSC exposure and faced interview two or three times. Also serving officers do come for guest lectures. These committed educators are widely acclaimed for their:

     Deep insight in the subject
     Interdisciplinary approach towards the subject
     Unique teaching methodology focused at lucid explanation of key concepts and developing an analytical understanding
     Above all for producing results at the IAS Examinations over the years

Our study material

     We have developed precise study materials – which take care of examinations' all the needs.
     We keep updating our course coverage plans to keep pace with the changing trends of the examination.
     As many as 35 National- level mock tests are conducted during the duration of the course.
     Questions from previous year's UPSC-CSE papers are indicated and practiced with each topic.
     Varied revision tests and sectional tests for enrichment of basic concepts.


We have scientifically analysed the UPSC Civil Services examination trends for the last 10 years and worked out a coherent strategy on the nature of the preparation to be made. We have lucid lectures evoking student's interest in the various areas of knowledge and imparting a picture like view of the various themes to be studied. We also counsel the students on how to present answers effectively and how to create an impression among thousand other competitors. We keep grooming our students emotionally to take the challenges posed by this intensely competitive examination with a positive and optimistic state of mind.

Personal Attention

     With a vision towards Excellency, every student is given due personal attention.
     Extensive personal and group doubt clearing sessions.


      Well- accommodated AC classrooms
      Well stocked library

Here is a list of our coaching centres around the country. In this list of IAS coachings in India, We have mention our each and every coaching centres situated in or around Delhi NCR, Which is most famous city for IAS Preparation acorss India. Chahal Academy have been teaching students for UPSC Civil Services Exam since past 6 years. We also invite former UPSC CSE Board Members and provide Best UPSC Mock Interview at free of cost.