(30 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Elaborate the impact of Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) in improvement in many health outcomes. (150 Words)


(29 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Analyse the risk involved due to the monopolistic tendencies in the digital economy. (150 Words)


(28 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Critically analyse importance of the role played by private sector in Research and Development(R&D) output of the country. (250 Words)


(27 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) The first generation learner in a family faces a large number of disadvantages, which adds to the disparity of the society in terms of educational level. Elucidate how government can be instrumental in arresting the widening 'learning gap' in the society. 250 Words


(26 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) What do you understand by the term 'Fraternity'? Why should it be a necessary constituent of the ideal of constitutional morality? 150 words


(25 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Of all the impacts that COVID has had on the Indian society, 'Gender inequality' shall be the most lasting. Do you agree? Suggest measures by which these impacts can be mitigated. 150 words Source:  The Hindu Education Plus: Build a better future


(23 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) “The census is a large, immensely powerful, but blunt instrument unsuited for specialized inquiry”. Do you agree? Justify your answer. 150 Words


(22 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

"Trust is the foundation upon which the legitimacy of public institutions is built and is crucial for the success of public policies." Do you agree? Justify your answers with example.


(21 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) The greatest challenge of tax evasion comes from digital corporations, which unlike traditional businesses, can operate in a market without a physical presence. Analyse how this challenge can be addressed. 250 Words


(20 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) What were the reasons to introduce Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA)? Did it achieve its objectives? (150 Words)


(19 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) What can be the possible causes for 'Vaccine hesitancy'? What risks does such a social behaviour beholds for the society? (150 Words)


(18 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Sharing of data with businesses is not a problem per se, but inability to understand the privacy policy is. In this regard, in what ways inability to achieve 'informed consent' hurts the interests of both businesses and the users of the digital platforms. (250 Words)


(16 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Does the 'unemployment' risks brought forth by the disruptive technologies outweigh the opportunities provided. What has been the policy response in this regard? (250 Words)


(15 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Due to the geo-strategic Location of Afghanistan any problem will affect the regional stability and security as it did in the past too. Elucidate (150 Words)


(14 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) “It would be cruel and unethical to force the present generation living with its current needs and expectations to follow the customs and traditions adopted by a generation living nearly 150 years back". Comment in the light of Special Marriage Act, 1954.


(13 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Is it justified to say that "The Court cannot be said to be completely powerless to grant a stay of any executive action under a statutory enactment".  Does this go against the principle of separation of power?


(12 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Despite various attempts to reach to a universally acceptable definition of Terrorism, all efforts at the international level have failed till now. Discuss why is important for India that the world agrees on the issue and suggest a way forward. (250 Words)


(11 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) What are rare-earth metals and Why are they important? In the context of India's significant import dependence of rare earth metals, suggest measures that are required to boost its domestic production as well as secure its import through global supply chains. (250 Words)


(09 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) In the recent years, China has adopted a visibly aggressive foreign policy. What  according to you are the reasons for such a policy? What should be India's response to the resultant emerging geopolitical situation? (250 Words)


(08 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) The concept of citizenship ensures equal rights to all in a country. Enlist such provisions in the Indian constitution and ordinary laws of India which restrict Individuals right to freedom of movement? Do you think these restrictions are reasonable in the 21st century India? (250 Words)


(07 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) While Indians turn out to be great innovators abroad, yet research output remains low in India. Explain the reasons behind low research output in India. How can this be addressed? (250 Words)


(06 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) You are a newly appointed Junior Engineer(JE) posted in the Public works department of Muradnagar, in U.P.’s Ghaziabad district. You are assigned a new project to build a concrete shelter in a local crematorium, for which a contractor is already hired through a tendering process. As the construction begin, you realize that there is no provision of any mandatory lab testing of the material used in the construction. Your seniors, including the Assistant engineer(AE) who is the supervisor of the site, too don’t show any interest in the inspection of the site. 


(05 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q)  "There is one  country in our neighbourhood whose competitive advantage rests solely in producing and exporting terrorism". Justify the statement and suggest how can India effectively utilize the international fora in order to counter this export of terrorism. (250 Words)


(04 Jan 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Discuss the various ethical issues and interests of the various stakeholders involved in the development of a vaccine and its restricted emergency use. Should a vaccine be given to a patient without completion of the trials, even if initial data indicates it to be safe? (20 marks, 300 Words)


(02 Jan 2021) Question-2

Q) Do you think that it is wise to measure Legislative productivity in terms of number of bills passed by the legislature? Critically examine. (150  Words)


(02 Jan 2021) Question-1

Q) India is fully capable of providing 'Housing for all', and yet there is a demand and supply mismatch in the housing sector of India. What are the reasons and consequences of such a mismatch? Critically analyse the success of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in this regard. (250 Words)


(01 Jan 2021) Question-2

Q) Since, in an interconnected world of today, each and every economic shock has ripple effect over the world, Does BREXIT too has an impact over India? Give arguments to support your answer.


(01 Jan 2021) Question-1

Q) Right to Marriage is a human right which is backed by the constitution of India but neither by the ordinary law in India nor by the sanction of the Society. Do you agree? Explain in the light of various personal laws.

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