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19 June 2021

Q) Discuss the importance of physical education in the overall development of human resources and the steps necessary to promote it. (250 Words)

Source: <https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/sportsmen-to-be-conferred-degrees-based-on-their-performance-minister/article34853823.ece>

GS 2: Education

Approach Answer:

Introduction: Recently the National sports policy 2021 was released which aimed at improvement of sports through various means, such as supporting sportspersons, incentivizing them through scholarship, and inculcating sports in the education curriculum.


Importance of sports in Physical education:

              • Healthy Lifestyle:  It is vital in the fight against child obesity. Positive exercise habits that are implemented in childhood and adolescence will likely continue into adulthood.

              • nurture sportsmanship in all aspects of competition

              • Mental health: Students who exercise regularly have a better quality of sleep. They are therefore more alert at school and have higher levels of concentration.

              • Create a passion for active recreation and sport

              • Impact on academic life: It helps in maintaining focus, which has a positive impact on their academic life. This can lead to improved attainment in all other academic subjects.

              • Sporting experience and enjoyment: Physical exercise helps children relieve stress and anxiety. Young people today are arguably under more pressure than ever.

              • Leadership skill: Playing sports in groups help young people to improve their teamwork and leadership skills. It also helps to form stronger bonds between peers and promotes a healthy class dynamic.

              • Improved self discipline: They can implement this self control in all aspects of their life, from better controlling their emotions to being more self motivated with their studies.

              • Confidence development: This can have a positive aspect on all areas of their life, such as their personal relationships and ability to integrate quickly and make friends, to thinking about their future goals.

              • Developing motor skills: It also helps in improving handwriting or playing a musical instrument.

              • Building sporting talents for the nation: Such talents can eventually  represent the nation on the world forum.


Steps required to promote Physical education in India:

              • Dedicated sports schools: Such as a sporting university being opened by the government of NCT of Delhi.

              • Inculcation in curriculum: the school syllabus designed by the education boards must include compulsory enrolment into at least one sport.

              • Development of playgrounds in each locality: The urban planning must include enough open spaces to help children to play.

              • Investment in sports infrastructure: Initial investment in the sports infrastructure is always public investment. However as the sports industry grows private players would interested in further investments.

              • Incentivisation of Sports industry: It is a big business in with huge potential, which includes coaches, equipment manufacturers, tournament organizers and advertisers. 

              • Government scholarships for young talents: This would create more demand for the sports as young talents perform well with sports.

              • Grievance redressal mechanism: To weed out corruption in sports departments.


Conclusion: The National sports Policy 2021 calls for inculcation of sports into education curriculum. However, this must also be reflected in the national education policy,2021 which largely remains mute about this aspect of education. Further, for the development of sports at the highest level it would be necessary to create a synergy between Ministry of Education and Ministry of sports and youth affairs.

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