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Chahal Academy is the fastest growing Civil Services exam coaching institute in India according to the Education Council of India. So, if you are an IAS/IPS aspirant, look no further. We are the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi. You can register for a Free Counseling session at Chahal Academy, one of the Best UPSC Coaching Institutes in Delhi.

People ideally look for the best UPSC coaching centres in the city of Delhi. This is due to the availability of proper guidance for the IAS exam and its preparation. In fact, Delhi is home to some of the best and famous IAS coaching institutes. We at Chahal Academy offer Civil Services Exam coaching in Delhi in offline as well as online platforms for both English medium and Hindi medium candidates. Start your UPSC Coaching in Delhi with Chahal Academy for assured results in Civil Services.

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IAS Coaching Fee and other Expenses for IAS Preparation in Delhi:

IAS aspirants from all states come to Delhi to pursue Civil Services Exam Coaching in Delhi. It is obvious because of the high quality of teaching and experience of coaching classes in Delhi. You must research and think about many things like fees, lodging, food, etc. during your stay. Of course, these will be an investment for your future but everyone will not be able to afford it. Generally, living in Delhi is quite costly. For example, a one-year course may cost anywhere between Rs. 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs. This includes the cost of your rent, food, and extra expenses. So, apart from the coaching fees, you will need a monthly allowance of Rs. 12000-15000/-

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IAS Coaching Fee Structure in Delhi

The IAS coaching fee structure in Delhi can be as high as Rs. 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs. This is a huge amount of money which cannot be afforded by all. This fee structure is only meant for the General Studies paper of the UPSC exam. We at Chahal Academy do not want that any student with the potential should miss out on the right guidance. So, we bring to you the complete UPSC coaching in Delhi all the three stages (PRE+MAINS+INTERVIEW) under a budget.

We say so because you have the option to pay in installments. We are here to help you find the best IAS coaching in Delhi which comes at an affordable rate. Also, CHAHAL ACADEMY is considered amongst the top 10 providers for the best UPSC academies in Delhi.

Let us tell you why we claim ourselves to be the best at what we do:

It is common thinking that you will have to spend huge amounts to get the best coaching for IAS exam. Else, teaching standards will be compromised. Well, let us break this myth for you. You can clear the exam without spending a fortune. We know that every IAS aspirant cannot afford the fees and that does not mean that they will not receive the required guidance. This is where CHAHAL ACADEMY stands apart from all others. We charge lesser fees and provide quality teaching with standard study material to provide the best Civil Services Exam Coaching in Delhi.

You do not have to waste your itme by looking for affordable Best IAS Coaching centers in Delhi. Chahal Academy, Delhi is best known for Top UPSC exam preparation Academy in Delhi with affordably low fees with pan-India presence.We are your one-stop solution for turning your IAS/IPS/IRS dreams into reality.

IAS Coaching Fee Structure for Chahal Academy, Delhi

Batch Duration FEE (without installments) FEE (if paid in installments) Inclusions
One Year Batch Rs.65000/- Rs.75000/- GS Main Paper-I, II, III, IV+
Essay + GS Prelims + CSAT +
Prelims Test Series +
Study Material (hard copy) +
Current Affairs Magazine
Two Year Batch Rs.85000/- Rs.95000/-
Three Years Batch Rs.105000/- Rs.115000/-
UNLIMITED BATCH Rs.125000 Rs.135000

Note: Above fee is for offline course and does not includes coaching for optional subject and online courses.

Fee for UPSC/IAS online course is Rs.25000/- only.

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi, Top UPPSC Coaching in Delhi, IAS Coaching in Delhi

Conducted by UPSC every year, Civil Service Examination is an All-India level competitive examination.

The purpose of this examination is to churn out the best minds to take over one of the most prestigious services of India i.e. Civil Services.

It tests a candidate’s personal attributes like ability to put in hard work, perseverance, communication skills, power of memory, concentration, focus, planning, commitment to the goal etc.

Ans: Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) are two of the most reputed All-India services. Union Public Service Commission conducts Civil Services Examination every year to recruit IAS/IPS and other services at all-India level.

Following is the process of becoming an IAS or IPS officer:

  • Read the UPSC CSE Notification thoroughly.
  • Know the exam syllabus, eligibility criteria among other things.
  • Go through the UPSC exam time table. Know the exam dates, date of applying and other important dates.
  • Apply for UPSC CSE prelims examination on UPSC official website.
  • Study for the CSE examination.
  • Clear the prelims examination.
  • Apply for mains examination by filling up Detailed Application Form (DAF) sent to you online by UPSC.
  • Study well and clear the MAINS examination.
  • Try to score as much marks in mains as you can.
  • Do well in the interview stage.
  • Wait for the official announcement of CSE results.
  • Clear the final interview stage.
  • Secure a good rank.
  • Become an IAS/IPS Officer.

Ans: Joining a coaching institute offers a plethora of benefits:

  1. Right guidance – The what and how of UPSC.
  2. All the Study material in one place.
  3. Class Notes- One must revise them consistently.
  4. Faculty feedback- a feedback from people who have had direct exposure to UPSC.
  5. Current affairs in brief- usually all the coaching institutes provide a monthly magazine which has a short summary of all the important current affairs of the entire month.
  6. Seminars, guest lectures, workshops by many successful candidates and retired IAS,IPS officers
  7. Unbiased Assessment of your answers by experts and discussions to improve your answer.
  8. Simple explanation of difficult topics by experts.
  9. Competitive peer groups.
  10. Many other intangible benefits.
  11. However, if you cannot afford a coaching, you can get access to all the coaching materials from the market including class notes and test series.

Top UPSC Coaching Institute in Delhi With Low Fees Structure

Finding the best IAS coaching in Delhi fees that is affordable can be a bit baffling especially for an outsider. The Fees for IAS Coaching in Delhi can go from 1.25 Lakhs to as high as 2.5 Lakhs. This is something not every UPSC aspirant can afford.

Our UPSC Course Fees structure and Fees of IAS coaching in Delhi is very affordable with a low price guarantee. Our Coaching Academy is well known and famous for IAS Achiever & UPSC Topper's choice best IAS academy in delhi. We aim to provide you Complete Guidance to Clear UPSC Exam preparation the Civil Services Examination at all the three levels – UPSC Preliminary Test, UPSC Main Examination and Personality Test.

Available Courses for Civil Services Coaching in Delhi:-

Sr. Types of Courses and Features
1. Study Material in Hard Copy (NCERT Books + Standard Reference Books)
2. All India Prelims Test Series (30 Tests)
3. All India Current Affairs Test Series (22 Tests)
4. All India NCERT Test Series (16 Tests)
5. All India Mains Test Series (10 Tests)
6. Current Affairs Monthly Magazine Subscription (12 Months)
7. Mock Interview Preparation (Video Recorded)
8. 1 Year Batch
9. 2 Year Batch
10. Unlimited Batch
1 Year, 2 Year & Unlimited Batch includes: Prelims + Mains + Interview Preparation + Study Material in Hard Copy + All India NCERT Test Series + All India Prelims Test Series + Regular Mains Answer Writing Practice + Current Affairs Monthly Magazine.

Batch Timings for UPSC Coaching Classes in Delhi:

Regular General Studies Coaching Classes (Monday – Friday) Weekend Classes (Saturday - Sunday)
Morning Batch Afternoon Batch Evening Batch Saturday Batch Sunday Batch
8:00 AM to 10:30 AM 2:00 AM to 4:30 PM 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM 2:30 PM to 8:00 PM 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Delhi is the nucleus of all the top IAS coaching centres in the country. That is why many youngsters chose to come to Delhi for the right IAS guidance and preparation for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Therefore, most IAS candidates look for top 10 IAS coaching in Delhi.

Online IAS Coaching - Chahal Academy

We also offer online IAS coaching in Delhi. We understand that not everybody has the time to attend physical classes. The commute takes up a lot of time and the comfort of at-home learning is an ideal situation for many students. With full-time college or job, a lot of the aspirants are unable to take out time for the classroom programs. So, we bring forward to you online IAS coaching for UPSC in Delhi.

Why Chahal Academy is Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi:-

Our flagship classroom course is a complete approach for clearing the IAS exam. We provide a quality faculty team, relevant study material, and unique UPSC test series. Scroll further to know the reasons why we are the leading institute for IAS coaching in Delhi.

  • Team of faculty members

    Our team works really hard to prepare the best teaching methods for you. We believe in variety of teaching so students are able to grasp everything that has been taught in the class. We do not leave any stone unturned and we value each and every student. Further, our teachers conduct classes through video lectures, demonstrations, and even Q and A rounds. Every student is given a chance to answer. You will not feel left out because at Chahal, we make sure that you give your 100% in class. In this way, you do not have to go back home and study. You go back home to revise!

  • Personal Guidance

    People from different academic backgrounds sit for this exam. It often becomes confusing and tiring to try to fit in a general approach to studies. If that is the case with you, you do not have to worry anymore. We put all our efforts to understand your stories one by one and then proceed further. You are already in the race to grab that job. That puts a lot of pressure on you. We do not want you to run a rat race here with us. We seek to reduce your tension and stress by guiding you. If the situation demands, we even hold special classes for you.

  • Branches

    We have more than 18 branches all over India and will soon introduce 8 more branches. Students' demand for our guidance and support have led us to increase our presence. Our branches prove that we have played the role of a successful guide and mentor. It also proves our worth.

  • Affordable Fee Structure

    The best IAS coaching in Delhi like ours will provide tutoring at a very affordable rate. You do not have to worry about high fees for offline and online IAS coaching. We provide the best quality with the best price for IAS coaching in Delhi.

    You can also pay in installments because we understand that you might be short on money while you seek admission. This helps a long way and lessens the financial burden at one go.It is one of the most useful tips on how to select IAS coaching. We believe in building relationships with our students and not just filling our pockets.

  • Batch Size

    We believe that a decent class size will lead to 100% efficiency in the class. Overcrowding always hampers the learning experience. This way, students will be able to interact with the teacher better. Also, teachers are able to have one on one with the students when the number is less. We also have morning, evening, and weekend batches only for you. Having multiple batches has helped us help you in a more efficient way. Quality over quantity is our motto!

  • Level of Dedication

    Coaching classes claim that their best interests lie in the future of the students. That is true but often, institutes are money-oriented and will fail to help you achieve what you want. Attend our demo classes and decide whether we provide you what we claim! Well, of course, your dedication and hard work will lead you where you want to be but you have to be provided with the right support system. These demo classes will help you realise how hard working our teachers are.

  • Study Material

    High quality of study material is a must. Moreover, we provide ample relevant sources for your perusal. You can read and make notes out of them. We cover basics through All India NCERT based Test Series. Special focus on Current affairs with All India Current Affairs Test Series is given. All reference books including NCERT books are given in hard or soft copy. Visit our website to know more. You will also get daily newspaper analysis and magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra.

  • Online IAS coaching

    Offline classes can be hectic for many students. Also, traveling is disliked by many. Full-time college students and working people find it a huge task to attend classroom programs. So, we have Online Coaching classes only for you at a minimal price. We want to support you to reach your goals be it offline or offline. Also, online classes save a lot of time as you will get extra time which you would have spent traveling. You can study, revise or even take rest in these extra hours.

  • Past Achievements

    We have produced over 60 successful candidates in the UPSC exam since we started off. We have grown from a sapling to a huge tree. We have seen an increase in the number of students and we are far from stopping now. Further, we strive to continue this growth by teaching and guiding our students with full dedication and smart work. Do check our official website and you can see it for yourself. You can also visit our coaching institute in Delhi to talk to the teachers and current students.

  • Testimonials

    You can go through the testimonials on our website to get a clear view of the real picture. Our students' words will help you decide whether we are what we claim. These will act as confidence and push you to work hard. We will guide you throughout your journey of IAS coaching. When you put your trust in us, we strive to give our best so you can achieve your dreams.

  • Mock Tests

    The SWOT analysis – Strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats is a method that we use to test whether a student is progressing or not. We ensure that the tests are unique and of standard quality, because it helps to assess your growth at a personal as well as national level. You can check the quality of our tests and decide for yourself.

  • Mock Interviews

    We also conduct mock interviews for our students. They face the actual pressure and get an idea of what they will be asked in the real interview. We make sure that the level of these tests are high and some of the best tutors sit on the panel. These mock sessions will lead to success by helping you clear the UPSC exam.

  • Extra Classes

    You might miss out on classes due to some emergency or other work. We understand that 100% attendance is not possible. So, there will be extra classes for our students because we believe in helping you reach your maximum potential. We are ready to invest in your future. The question is - Are you ready too?

  • Coaching Duration

    We at Chahal provide you with the chance to pick a course(1/2/3 years or even unlimited) according to your needs and time. We are here to guide you as long as you are willing to work hard. Time doesn't matter if you are ready to enroll. You can be a school student who wants to clear this exam. We have well-planned classes for you as well. Also, from college students to working professionals, we have covered all in our hands. We have provided a table above to help you choose your best bet.

Our Methodology

The entire team of Chahal Academy is focused on making this journey easy and simple for you. We are one of the preferred choices of IAS/IPS aspirants in Delhi when it comes to the Top IAS institutes in Delhi. We prepare plans based on the needs of the student. Our methods are time and tested to help you sail the toughest exam in the country. Your dedication and our methods will be the tool to your success.

Proficient Faculty Team

having immense experience, following tested and unique pedagogy and especially who are passionate about teaching and helping students.

Modest Batch Size

Small batch size to maintain individual attention and resolve doubts or confusion related to each subject or topic.

Complete Study Material

having comprehensive coverage of topics to ensure that student focus only on relevant knowledge and quickly acquire the ability to crack the examination.

Free Guest Lectures

by senior bureaucrats, eminent scholars and exam toppers for the intellectual development of students through their experience.

All India Test Series

It’s a proven concept that test series with quality evaluation, unlocks your best potential and increases your chances of selection.

Complete Exam Exposure

considering the latest trend and actual standards of each stage of UPSC Civil Services Examination, prelims and mains test series with free mock interviews.

Why most IAS aspirants come to Delhi for IAS Coaching?

Delhi is every IAS aspirants first choice when it comes to coaching. Delhi has produced many successful IAS/IPS officers since the past years that we have known. It is mainly because historically, many renowned and top IAS coaching centers in Delhi have established in Delhi over for 25-30 years. That is why many youths choose to come to Delhi with the hope of getting the best guidance and teaching methods for Civil Services Examination. Therefore, most of the aspirants explore for a reasonable and Top IAS coaching Institute in Delhi as a reliable option for their enrollment in UPSC coaching in Delhi with a very nominal fee.

How to choose UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Delhi?

So far, you have understood the importance of high-quality coaching and you know where you can find it at an affordable rate. The next dilemma is how to choose a right UPSC coaching centre in Delhi as every IAS coaching institute claims itself to best.

There is no accurate answer to this question, but a candidate should keep the following factors in mind before joining any civil services exam coaching institute-

Batch size - Many coaching institutes have 100 - 500 students in one batch. Quality learning in an overcrowded classroom is not at all possible. Institute with a limited number of students per batch will help in better learning. Make sure that you enquire about the number of students per batch.

Talk to Alumni - If possible, go ahead and have a chat with the alumni of the coaching institute. They will be able to give you a real picture of the class experience.

Reviews - Before anything, go through google reviews and feedback of students. Positive reviews will help you pick the right coaching based on your needs.

Past Results - Try to verify whether results being shown by the UPSC coaching center in Delhi are genuine or not. You can check by visiting the institute or through their YouTube channel also.

Faculty - One should check whether the faculty team at IAS/IPS coaching institute in Delhi has experienced teachers. Also, enquire about the credentials of the faculty as well as a background. Sit for a demo class to check whether the teachers are experienced or not.

Study Material - Check whether the coaching provides study material that is of high quality. Also, make sure that they provide basic books like NCERTs in hard or soft copy. They form the base for the UPSC exam and you must be provided with these.

Test Series - Analyze whether the test series provided by the coaching is of standard quality. Also, make sure that regular tests for Prelims and Mains are held.

Website -You can visit the websites of the coaching institutes and go through their Quiz sections, current affairs section, etc. This will help you to choose the best IAS coaching.

Finally, we provide the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi With Low Fee Structure. Do not trust us blindly. We welcome you for demo classes! You can even reach out to us over call and we will be happy to help you with everything.

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Free Study Material and Notes for IAS Preparation:

Get Free IAS Study Material and Notes for Civil Services exam preparation as per your own comfort. Chahal Academy's IAS trainers and subject experts provide you carefully chosen Best IAS Study Material and Good Quality Notes for UPSC Civil Services Exams preparation.

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