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Admin 2021-07-28

28 July 2021 Question of the Day

Q. The Insolvency and bankruptcy code has not been able to achieve stellar outcomes as were expected from it. Enumerate the reasons behind it and suggest critical improvements required in this regard. (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-27

27 July 2021 Question of the Day

Q. Enumerate the mechanisms available in the Indian federal scheme to resolve Interstate disputes. Are these adequate to address all the challenges to the Indian federation in modern times? (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-26

26 July 2021 Question of the Day

Discuss the key elements of India's food security architecture. Is it suited to India's present needs? (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-24

24 July 2021 Question of the Day

Q. How risks associated with landslides differ in Himalayan region from the Western Ghats region? Explain how hazard zonation mapping will help in disaster mitigation in the case of landslides. (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-23

23 July 2021 Question of the Day

Q. What do you mean by micro-plastic pollution? Enumerate its impact on the environment and suggest ways to reduce its prevalence. (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-22

22 July 2021 Question of the Day

The frequency of urban floods due to high intensity rainfall is increasing over the years. Discussing the reasons for urban floods. highlight the mechanisms for preparedness to reduce the risk during such events. (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-21

21 July 2021 Question of the Day

1. Discuss the importance of rainwater harvesting in India and analyse the potential of various traditional rainwater harvesting methods. (250 Words) • Source

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Admin 2021-07-20

20 July 2021 Question of the Day

Q. Discuss the need and the risks related to surveillance in India. Does it go against the fundamental right to privacy? (250 Words)

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Admin 2021-07-19

19 July 2021 Question of the Day

Afghanistan is a litmus test for India's for ascendance as a regional and global power. Discuss. (250 Words)

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