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  1. The evaluation shall be done on a First Come First Serve basis.
  2. Answers below 80 words, very poorly organised or unreadable shall not be evaluated.
  3. Answers after 6 pm shall not be checked. The earlier you submit your answers, higher are the chances of getting it evaluated.
  4. Answers are to be uploaded in either one image or one pdf format. (For Example- If you have written an answer in 3 pages, make a common pdf or image and then upload it)
  5. Always mention the city name/branch name in the bracket along with your name in a comment. For example - Aman (Chandigarh) Or Aman (Mumbai)
  6. No need to worry in case your. answers aren't evaluated for some reason, You can check approach answer daily at 9pm and learn the art of answer writing.

Daily Answer writing

31 Jan

31 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q. Discuss the factors responsible for the location of electronic chipset manufacturing industries in the world. What challenges does India face in establishing the same in India? (Answer in 250 words)

29 Jan

29 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q. Early childhood education is critical for the cognitive, social and emotional development of a child  which is essential for India's Human resource development. In this context, discuss the necessary steps to promote and improve early childhood care and education(ECCE). (250 words)

28 Jan

28 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q. Distinguish between Capital Budget and Revenue Budget. Explain the components of both these Budgets. (Answer in 150 words)

27 Jan

27 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q. What is model code of conduct? Tell about the limitation of the election commission in enforcing MCC in digital age? (250 words)

26 Jan

26 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q). Compare and contrast the religious and cultural practices of the Harappan communities and the Vedic communities. (150 words)

25 Jan

25 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

​​​​​Q. What does the following quotation mean to you: "Rights that do not follow from duties well performed, are not worth having" - Mahatma Gandhi (150 words)

24 Jan

24 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q. Describe the process followed for Environment Impact Assessment(EIA) in India. Discuss the importance of star rating system in this regard. (250 words)

22 Jan

22 Jan 2022 Question of the Day

Q. Multiplicity of agencies guarding India's border is often seen as a challenge. Does this justifies a need for a single national border force? (150 words)

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