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Daily Answer writing

18 May

18 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q, What do you understand by palliative care? Discuss the problems associated with India’s palliative care and why it is lagging behind.

17 May

17 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. What do you understand by the concept of disaster risk reduction (DRR)? Discuss the significance of disaster risk financing in achieving the targets set by the Sendai Framework for 2030.

16 May

16 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Explaining the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) throw light on the benefits and potential challenges for India from joining the IPEF grouping.

15 May

15 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Agriculture and climate change are deeply intertwined and agroforestry could be an answer to the problem of carbon emissions and the resulting climate crisis. Analyse.

13 May

13 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. “Speakers must rise above party loyalties, with the Constitution as their guiding light”. In light of this statement critically examine the role of the speaker’s office in strengthening parliamentary democracy in India.

12 May

12 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Discuss the important provisions of India’s Space Policy 2023. How is the new space policy different from previous efforts taken by the government for the promotion of the space sector?

11 May

11 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Explaining European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), analyse what impact it can have on India’s exports to the European Union.

10 May

10 May 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Compare and contrast the similarities and divergences between Rabindranath Tagore’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of modern India. (GS-1, Modern History, 250 words, 15 marks)

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