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Daily Answer writing

25 Nov

25 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q) What do you mean by replacement level of population growth. What implications does it have on the demographic dividend of the country? (150 words)

24 Nov

24 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

​​​​Q) Analyse the recent shifts in the India-US trade policy. Does it cater well to the common interests in the context of global supply chain challenges? (250 words)

23 Nov

23 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q) The fiscal cost of fertilizer subsidies have increased rapidly in the recent years. Enumerate the reasons behind such a rise and suggest measures to curb it.

22 Nov

22 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q. Discuss various challenges that traditional medicine today faces in terms of its scientific acceptance. (150 words)

20 Nov

20 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q) In a democracy winning majority is not a license of power. Evaluate the role of pressure groups in power sharing in India democracy. (150 words)

19 Nov

19 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q. The pandemic has reversed the decades long  achievements in the education sector. Analyse its socio-economic impact and the efforts required to restore the progress. (150 words)

18 Nov

18 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q.Does the concept of universal health coverage necessarily entails a strong role for the Government? Comment in the light of failure of government health system to provide adequate health services. (250 words)

17 Nov

17 Nov 2021 Question of the Day

Q. Threat of sanctions undermines foundation of India-U.S. global strategic partnership. Illustrate this statement with examples from recent times. (150 words)

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