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Daily Current Affairs for IAS Exam

Admin 2021-07-28

28 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1. With the tourism industry among the hardest hit due to the pandemic, it is estimated that about 21.5 million people working in the sector lost their jobs during the nine-month period from April 2020-December 2020, as per the data shared by the gov...

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Admin 2021-07-27

27 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1) Puri becomes India’s first city to provide quality drinking tap water 2) Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary proposed as MMR’s Ramsar site 3) The tragic death of nine tourists in a landslip in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh is another p...

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Admin 2021-07-26

26 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.In a major diplomatic triumph, the 13th century Ramappa temple in Palampet, Telangana was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Sunday. India gets its 39th World Heritage Site 2.The Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat’s recent desc...

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Admin 2021-07-24

24 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1. 60 killed as rain pounds MaharashtraLandslips kill 49 in Raigad; rescue efforts hampered 2. The Ganga's message on Microplastic pollution: India must take its laws on waste seriously to stop microplastics pollution. 3. Conservation of species: B...

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Admin 2021-07-23

23 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1. Reforms in cooperative sector should not be at the cost of federal principles 2. Shaping a National Curriculum Framework using only the National Education Policy will be shortsighted. 3. Will the new e-commerce rules really favour consumers? 4....

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Admin 2021-07-22

22 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.Pandemic orphaned 1.2 lakh in India, over 10 lakh globally, says Lancet report. 2.India must not play down the COVID-19 tragedy, as that would hurt public confidence 3.India must directly engage with Taliban 2.0; The time for hesitant, backchanne...

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Admin 2021-07-21

21 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.The water harvesting structures in the villages of Rajasthan, including ponds, anicuts, check dams, ‘johads’ and ‘nadis’, will be studied to find out their contribution to the increase in groundwater level.  2.Coronavirus | Two-thirds of ...

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Admin 2021-07-20

20 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.APEDA with Basmati Export Development Foundation organizes awareness creation programme for the basmati rice growers 2.Bad Bank launched for stressed assets as a measure to clean up bank books 3.Ethanol Blending has Improved from 1.53% during Eth...

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Admin 2021-07-19

19 July 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.Midday meals leave a long-lasting impact: study 2.Afghanistan’s neighbours must help it protect the democratic gains of the last two decades. 3.Trafficking needs a wholesome approach that is cognisant of the causative factors 4.Mere toleration...

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Current affairs are one of the essential parts of civil service preparation. Keeping yourself up to date with current affairs on daily basis is required for all three stages of preparation; Prelims, Mains and Interview. Since there is a plethora of materials available in the market, aspirants have a lot of confusion about what to read in order to prepare for current affairs properly. It is always advisable to focus on fewer sources and more revision in current affairs. In this regard, we will look into different sources of current affairs relevant to UPSC CSE.

Various Sources of current affairs:-

  • THE HINDU-It is one of the prime source of daily current affairs. It covers most of the important topics such as supreme and high court verdicts, discussion on policies and schemes, international relations, environment, disaster, etc.
  • INDIAN EXPRESS-INDIAN EXPRESS also provides a quality article on the editorial page on different issues such as Climate Change, the Indian Education System, Issues in Health Sector, NPA, economic policy, Agriculture, International Relations etc.
  • PIB-PIB disseminates information regarding government policies, programmes and different initiatives, which is required to reach the general public, through print and electronic media. Since the above information is coming directly from the government agency, it is very useful for mains writing.
  • SOME OTHER SOURCES-Live mint, Business standards etc. also provides good study stuffs about economic policy, NPA resolution, monetary policy , fiscal policy, the balance of payment etc. It is very helpful for understanding the current economic situation of India.

In this regard, CHAHAL ACADEMY also provides daily current affair compiled at one platform through own website, you can follow below links-