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Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

24 Dec

24 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

We will be back after Christmas from Monday onwards. Merry Christmas.

23 Dec

23 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​1. A time for electoral reform: Union cabinet’s attention to streamlining preparation of voter lists is welcome. It must also take up other pending proposals. 2.Looking beyond the Forest Rights Act: Schemes and programmes already drafted for the tribal people need to be implemented everywhere. 3. Troubled waters: More efforts should be made to wean away fishermen from trawlers.

22 Dec

22 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​​1. Thinking before linking: Despite progressive aspects, linking electoral rolls with Aadhaar raises apprehensions 2. The Code on Wages ‘legalises’ bonded labour; It allows employers to extend unlimited advances to workers and charge an unspecified interest rate on such loans

21 Dec

21 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1. A strategic bulwark: India must redouble efforts towards Central Asia to counter the ‘Great Game’ rivalries 2. The sustained attack on federalism: Steps by the Union government have undermined the principles of federalism, especially fiscal federalism

20 Dec

20 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. Age and marriage: Focus must be on creating social awareness about women’s reproductive health and rights 2. Testing the red lines in the Iran nuclear talks; It presents itself as a path paved with uncertainties and risks failure if the players adopt a ‘Trumpian’ attitude 3.Though it is not a complete enumeration, NFHS helps us understand sex ratio trends

18 Dec

18 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1. When the chips are down: The Semiconductor Mission can power the development of the chip and display industry    2. For an honest broker: Any offer from Russia to play the facilitator in talks with China must be scrutinised closely 3. The Joint Committee of Parliament on the Personal Data Protection Bill has tabled its report. A look at its proposals on the nature of data to be protected, liability of social media companies, and the implications.

17 Dec

17 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.    Wrong forum: The attempt to securitise the climate change agenda could have unintended consequences 2. The WTO’s challenge to MSP is another frontier to cross; The need is to convince farmers of other effective policy interventions that are World Trade Organization compatible. 3. The Union Cabinet has cleared 21 years as the minimum marriage age for women, from 18 earlier. What laws will need to be changed to enforce this?

16 Dec

16 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​​1. ‘VIHANGAM’-  Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) at Mahanadi Coalfields Limited. 2. Cabinet clears push to raise marriage age of women from 18 to 21.


Current affairs are one of the essential parts of civil service preparation. Keeping yourself up to date with current affairs on daily basis is required for all three stages of preparation; Prelims, Mains and Interview. Since there is a plethora of materials available in the market, aspirants have a lot of confusion about what to read in order to prepare for current affairs properly. It is always advisable to focus on fewer sources and more revision in current affairs. In this regard, we will look into different sources of current affairs relevant to UPSC CSE.

Various Sources of current affairs:-

  • THE HINDU-It is one of the prime source of daily current affairs. It covers most of the important topics such as supreme and high court verdicts, discussion on policies and schemes, international relations, environment, disaster, etc.
  • INDIAN EXPRESS-INDIAN EXPRESS also provides a quality article on the editorial page on different issues such as Climate Change, the Indian Education System, Issues in Health Sector, NPA, economic policy, Agriculture, International Relations etc.
  • PIB-PIB disseminates information regarding government policies, programmes and different initiatives, which is required to reach the general public, through print and electronic media. Since the above information is coming directly from the government agency, it is very useful for mains writing.
  • SOME OTHER SOURCES--Live mint, Business standards etc. also provides good study stuffs about economic policy, NPA resolution, monetary policy , fiscal policy, the balance of payment etc. It is very helpful for understanding the current economic situation of India.

In this regard, CHAHAL ACADEMY also provides daily current affair compiled at one platform through own website, you can follow below links-

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