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Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

15 Dec

15 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.    The NMP is hardly the panacea for growth in India; As the Government has also shown, there are out-of-the-box policy initiatives to revamp public sector businesses     2. Pain from prices: More fuel tax cuts are needed to prevent inflation from hurting the recovery    3.  Agrifood life sciences ecosystem needs to be rebooted, filled with talent and catalysed with capital. It holds the key to agriculture’s future.

14 Dec

14 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​1. Deepening cooperation in technological domain with Britain makes strategic and economic sense for India

13 Dec

13 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​1. Electric Vehicle Policies: Demand generation schemes &  targeted incentives boost Delhi’s EV policy 2. The evolution and framing of the Constitution: It does not impose, with reason, the same burden of accountability on the Judiciary as the Executive and the Legislature 3. The dream of being a chip hub: Many factors need to come together for India to make a mark in the niche chip industry

11 Dec

11 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1.    Goods and Services Tax as an unfinished agenda; Seen purely from a revenue point of view and as a fiscal policy tool, India’s GST is still on a rocky road 2. A cabinet nod to Ken-Betwa river link: What it envisages, who will benefit

10 Dec

10 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​​1. A tragic loss: India must realise Gen. Rawat’s plans for genuine tri-service operational capabilities 2. Children and schooling in the post-COVID-19 era; India will have to confront bitter facts if it wants to prepare a recovery plan of any credible and practical value; 3. The latest World Inequality Report flags India as a poor and very unequal country, with the top 10% holding 57% of national income in 2021, and the bottom 50% holding just 13%. Breaking down the key findings

09 Dec

09 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​1. High LPG prices are scorching the air pollution fight. Reinstating subsidies on LPG refills for low-income households can help reverse families going back to polluting fuels 2. Low tobacco tax, poor health: The absence of an increase in tax on tobacco products post-GST has impacted revenue and could worsen public health 3. RBI must tackle surplus liquidity on way to policy normalisation

08 Dec

08 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1. A robust friendship: India and Russia have to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape while deepening ties

07 Dec

07 Dec 2021: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

​​​​​​​1. India must invest robustly in the world’s largest social programme on early childhood services 2. Centre and states need to incentivise farmers to reduce rice cultivation to tackle pollution 3. ART Bill plugs longstanding regulatory deficit. Ways must be found to make it more inclusive


Current affairs are one of the essential parts of civil service preparation. Keeping yourself up to date with current affairs on daily basis is required for all three stages of preparation; Prelims, Mains and Interview. Since there is a plethora of materials available in the market, aspirants have a lot of confusion about what to read in order to prepare for current affairs properly. It is always advisable to focus on fewer sources and more revision in current affairs. In this regard, we will look into different sources of current affairs relevant to UPSC CSE.

Various Sources of current affairs:-

  • THE HINDU-It is one of the prime source of daily current affairs. It covers most of the important topics such as supreme and high court verdicts, discussion on policies and schemes, international relations, environment, disaster, etc.
  • INDIAN EXPRESS-INDIAN EXPRESS also provides a quality article on the editorial page on different issues such as Climate Change, the Indian Education System, Issues in Health Sector, NPA, economic policy, Agriculture, International Relations etc.
  • PIB-PIB disseminates information regarding government policies, programmes and different initiatives, which is required to reach the general public, through print and electronic media. Since the above information is coming directly from the government agency, it is very useful for mains writing.
  • SOME OTHER SOURCES--Live mint, Business standards etc. also provides good study stuffs about economic policy, NPA resolution, monetary policy , fiscal policy, the balance of payment etc. It is very helpful for understanding the current economic situation of India.

In this regard, CHAHAL ACADEMY also provides daily current affair compiled at one platform through own website, you can follow below links-

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