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Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

11 Oct

11 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)International Day of the Girl Child 2) World Mental Health Day 3) Bangalore Rose Onions and Krishnapuram Onions 4) RBI Monetary Policy 2020

12 Oct

12 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)United Nations Still Birth Report 2) Graded Response Action Plan 3) Tree Plantation Policy 4) Smog Tower 5) Rustom-II Drone 6) World Migratory Bird Day

10 Oct

10 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)Low pressure area 2) Television Rating Points 3) SVAMITVA scheme 4) Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Scheme 5) Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) 6) Exercise Sagar Kavach 7) Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana 8) Rudram 9) Nobel Peace Prize, 2020 10) Impact based Cyclonic Warning Systems

09 Oct

09 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)World Post Day 2) Natural gas marketing reforms 3) International Barcode of Life (iBOL) 4) Persistent Organic Pollutants 5) Production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme 6) Nobel Prize for Literature 2020 7) Pusa Decomposer 8) Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB)

08 Oct

08 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)Quad meeting 2) Scheduled Tribe status to six non-tribal communities 3) University Grants Commission 4) Occupying Public Places Not Acceptable: Supreme Court 5) Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2020 report 6) Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India 7) TSIRKON (Zircon) 8) 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 9) World Cotton Day

07 Oct

07 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)Kamchatka Disaster 2) Girls at risk of school dropout 3) Western Odisha Development Council 4) Contempt of court 5) Nagorno-Karabakh region 6) Sittwe Port 7) Rising Stressed loans 8) 2020 Nobel Prize

06 Oct

06 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)World Space Week, 2020 2) World Teachers’ Day 3) Narco and Polygraph tests 4) Ravi Chopra Committee 5) Xoo (Xanthomonas oryzaepv. oryzae) 6) New species of Pipeworts 7) Emission norms for tractors 8) Yudh Prasudushan ke Virudh

04 Oct

04 October 2020: Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

1)Time Use Survey (TUS) 2) Diffie-Hellman key exchange 3) Dhaulasidh Hydro Project 4) SAIs "Graduated Return to Play" (GRTP) 5) Atal Tunnel: World's longest highway tunnel


Current affairs are one of the essential parts of civil service preparation. Keeping yourself up to date with current affairs on daily basis is required for all three stages of preparation; Prelims, Mains and Interview. Since there is a plethora of materials available in the market, aspirants have a lot of confusion about what to read in order to prepare for current affairs properly. It is always advisable to focus on fewer sources and more revision in current affairs. In this regard, we will look into different sources of current affairs relevant to UPSC CSE.

Various Sources of current affairs:-

  • THE HINDU-It is one of the prime source of daily current affairs. It covers most of the important topics such as supreme and high court verdicts, discussion on policies and schemes, international relations, environment, disaster, etc.
  • INDIAN EXPRESS-INDIAN EXPRESS also provides a quality article on the editorial page on different issues such as Climate Change, the Indian Education System, Issues in Health Sector, NPA, economic policy, Agriculture, International Relations etc.
  • PIB-PIB disseminates information regarding government policies, programmes and different initiatives, which is required to reach the general public, through print and electronic media. Since the above information is coming directly from the government agency, it is very useful for mains writing.
  • SOME OTHER SOURCES--Live mint, Business standards etc. also provides good study stuffs about economic policy, NPA resolution, monetary policy , fiscal policy, the balance of payment etc. It is very helpful for understanding the current economic situation of India.

In this regard, CHAHAL ACADEMY also provides daily current affair compiled at one platform through own website, you can follow below links-

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