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If you have dreamt of serving the nation by joining the Civil Services and are wondering How can I become an IAS officer?”, Join Chahal Academy one of the premier IAS coaching centres of India, providing classroom and distance learning coaching for Indian Civil Services Examination, UPSC Exam, IPS, IFS. Just Complete our Request Free Counselling form to know How to get Success in your Examination.

Here is a list of our coaching centres available across the country including Delhi NCR, Which is most famous city for IAS Preparation acorss India. Chahal Academy have been teaching students for UPSC Civil Services Exam since past 6 years. We also invite former UPSC CSE Board Members and provide Best UPSC Mock Interview at free of cost.

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Yojna magazine is one of the key resources for civil service aspirants. It is published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It is an invaluable source of reliable information and data, which helps in all three stages of UPSC-CSE. Yojana is a theme-based magazine that covers any one topic such as Agriculture, Skill Development, Make in India, Human Resource Development, MSME sector, etc in detail every month.

With the help of Yojana magazine, aspirants can understand the government's perspective on different policies and schemes. It also contains balanced and in-depth views about any subject matter by the expert of diverse domains. It is very helpful for aspirants from the perspective of the mains exam as they can get a lot of fodder points to make topic wise notes and use them in their answer writing. These kinds of stuff help not only in the general studies section but also in the essay and later in the interview stage.

In this regard, Chahal academy provides free of cost Yojna magazine online through the current affair section of its own website. You can download Yojana magazine by clicking on the following link for free-