What to Read in The Hindu
01 January 2022


    1. GST Council defers tax rate increase on textiles

      • Page 1/Front

      • GS 3: Economy

    1. FCRA licences of NGOs extended by three months

      • Page 1/Front

      • GS 2: Government Policy

    1. RRTS could hit the tracks sooner than expected; Trial runs could begin by the middle of 2022

      • Page 4/States

      • GS 3: Transport

    1. Needless provocation: India, China must adhere to past agreements to keep the peace along the border

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 2: IR

    1. Vaccines, boosters and some hard talk: There are questions that need to be raised and allegations that must be countered about the vaccine strategy

Page 6/Editorial

GS 2: Health

    1. Tax anomalies found in 2 Chinese phone firms; The manufacturers have not complied with regulatory mandate for disclosure of transactions with associated enterprises

      • Page 8/News

      • GS 2: IR

    1. SII applies for full market authorisation

      • Page 10/News

      • GS 2: Health

    1. Current account slips to deficit in Q2; ‘Huge widening lies ahead, with the large merchandise trade deficits seen in October-November’

      • Page 12/Business

      • GS 3: Economy

    1. Foreign-owned assets in India rose by $37 bn in Q2: RBI data; ‘Indian residents’ overseas financial assets rose $31.9 billion’

      • Page 12/Business

      • GS 3: Economy - Investment