What to Read in The Hindu
11 December 2021


    1. SC now open to easing of Delhi pollution curbs; With air quality improving, Commission asked to decide on relaxations for industries in a week

      • Page 1/Front

      • GS 3: Pollution


    1. SC to hear Mullaperiyar case on Dec. 15: Case adjourned as Tamil Nadu seeks time to respond to new issues raised by Kerala Government

      • Page 5/States

      • GS 3: Irrigation, GS 1: Distribution of resources


    1. Green shoots: The Government should build political consensus on plans for reform in farm sector

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 3: Agriculture, GS 2: Pressure groups


    1. Goods and Services Tax as an unfinished agenda; Seen purely from a revenue point of view and as a fiscal policy tool, India’s GST is still on a rocky road

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 3: Economy, GS 2: Government Policy


    1. Make the mental well-being of teachers a priority. It is a very important first step in addressing the mental health and well-being of children scarred by the pandemic.

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 2: Education


    1. Centre looking to use stubble as biofuel: 3,000 tonnes of stubble procured by NTPC, results will be studied, says Environment Minister

      • Page 8/News

      • GS 3: Pollution, Agriculture


    1. Don’t use state force on political opinion: SC; It says journalists should not be made to suffer for reporting what is public

      • Page 9/News

      • GS 4: Constitutional morality, Governance


    1. In LS, Minister lists steps for supplementary child nutrition

      • Page 10/News

      • GS 2: Nutrition


    1. ‘80% of funds for Beti Bachao was spent on media campaigns’

      • Page 10/News

      • GS 2: Schemes for vulnerable sections, GS 1: Society


    1. Only 27% of funds allotted for Ladakh used: pane; lLack of trained labour cited for low expenditure

      • Page 10/News

      • GS 3: Internal security


    1. Pakistan Taliban call off ceasefire : TTP accuses security forces of killing its fighters and violating agreed terms

      • Page 11/World

      • GS 3: Internal Security, GS 2: IR


    1. King Carlsen’s reign continues as he crushes Nepo with three games to spare

      • Page 13/Sports

      • Prelims