What to Read in The Hindu
14 January 2022


    1. Forest, tree cover in India up by 2,261 sq km
      • Page 1/Front, Page 10/News
      • GS 3: Environment


    1. A welcome probe: SC should restrain political parties from using any lapse in PM’s security for poll propaganda
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 3: Internal Security


    1. Space for dreams: Under a new leadership, ISRO will need to continue innovation
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 3: Science & Tech


    1. An epidemiologically sound testing strategy: India’s latest COVID-19 advisory shifts the pandemic response from ‘treatment oriented’ to one focused on public health
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 2: Health


    1. Liberal economics creates illiberal societies: A new form of ‘Gandhian’ democratic socialism powered by cooperative economic enterprises is required
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 1: Society


    1. 6 dead as Bikaner-Guwahati train derails
      • Page 8/News
      • GS 3: Transport


    1. India, China agree for more LAC talks: 14th round of talks between military commanders did not yield breakthrough
      • Page 10/News
      • GS 2: IR


    1. India extends $900 mn aid to Sri Lanka: It includes a $400 mn currency swap and deferred payment of $500 mn
      • Page 11/World
      • GS 2: IR


    1. U.S. denounces China’s maritime claims: The State Department asks China ‘to cease its unlawful and coercive activities in the South China Sea’
      • Page 11/World
      • GS 2: IR


    1. India, U.K. kick off talks for free trade agreement; ‘Open to interim pact while talks continue for complete FTA’
      • Page 12/Business
      • GS 3: Economy


    1. The controversy over inclusion of the mmWave band in 5G auctions: Should India fragment the mmWave band? Can providing excess spectrum pose a downside risk of the bands going unsold or underutilised?
      • Text and Context - I
      • GS 3: Science & Tech.