What to Read in The Hindu
15 December 2021


    1. Wholesale price inflation spikes to a record as food, fuel surge; Primary food inflation hits a 13-month high

      • Page 1/Front

      • GS 3: Economy


    1. SC approves widening of three Char Dham highways; They will facilitate quick movement of troops: Govt.

      • Page 1/Front

      • GS 3: Infrastructure - Transport


    1. Pain from prices: More fuel tax cuts are needed to prevent inflation from hurting the recovery

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 3: Economy


    1. The NMP is hardly the panacea for growth in India; As the Government has also shown, there are out-of-the-box policy initiatives to revamp public sector businesses

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 3: Economy - Infrastructure


    1. Needed: repeal of AFSPA, not regret: There have been scores of civilian killings in the Northeast since the AFSPA came into force

      • Page 7/OPED

      • GS 2/Government Policy, GS 3: Internal Security.


    1. India votes against UN draft resolution on climate change; It opposes move seeking to shift talks from UNFCCC to Security Council

      • Page 8/News

      • GS 2: International relations, GS 3: Environment


    1. 55% of adults fully vaccinated: Mandaviya, Health Ministry informs Rajya Sabha

      • Page 10/News

      • GS 2: Health


    1. RBI ushers in corrective action scheme to better control NBFCs; Aim is to enable intervention, help entities apply timely remedy, says regulator

      • Page 12/Business

      • GS 3: Economy