What to Read in The Hindu
15 March 2022

1. Retail inflation climbs to 6.07%

News Location- Page 1, Frontpage

Relevance- GS 3, Indian Economy.

  • India’s retail inflation inched up to an eight month high of 6.07% in February from
  • 6.01% in January, with rural India experiencing a sharper price rise at 6.38%. For urban consumers, the inflation rate, in fact, fell from 5.91% in January to 5.75% in February. Food prices saw an upward trajectory, with inflation measured by the Consumer Food Price Index rising to 5.85% in February from 5.43% in January.


2. ‘Microfinance firms can fix interest’

News Location- Page 1, Frontpage

Relevance- GS 3, Indian Economy.

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday allowed microfinance institutions to fix interest rates on loans, with a caveat that the rates should not be usurious. In revised guidelines that will take effect on April 1, the RBI tweaked the definition of a microfinance loan to indicate a collateralfree loan given to a household with annual income of up to ₹3 lakh.


3. The war’s cold facts and what India needs to glean

News Location- Page 6, Editorial

Relevance- GS 2, IR.

  • As hard power dictates terms in geopolitics, India’s Atmanirbhar push needs to move to mission mode. For a nation to have strategic autonomy in matters of national security, selfsufficiency in defence research and development and manufacturing is an inescapable imperative. This would afford the required deterrence to prevent war, and to prosecute it (war) if deterrence fails.


4. Census should not be just dataoriented: House committee

News Location- Page 9, News.

Relevance- GS 1-2, Culture, Society, Governance.

  • The Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs has said that the coming census exercise “should not merely be data oriented; rather it should portray the perspective of culture and society.”



5. Government seeks law on rights of foreigners

News Location- Page 9, News.

Relevance- GS 2, Polity- Fundamental Rights (Article 19).

  • The Union government on Monday urged the Supreme Court to help lay down a law with a “long–lasting” implication for the country on the subject of foreigners’ right to approach local courts for relief after violating their visa conditions.


6. Maternal mortality ratio declines by 10 points: Registrar General

News Location- Page 10, News.

Relevance- GS 1-2,  Women and gender, SDG.

  • The maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of India has declined by 10 points, says a special bulletin released by the Registrar General of India. It has declined from 113 in 2016-18 to 103 in 2017-19, an 8.8% decline.India is on the verge of achieving the National Health Policy (NHP) target of 100 per lakh live births by 2020 and certainly on the track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target of 70 per lakh live births by 2030.


7. ‘Russia is seeking Chinese military aid’

News Location- Page 11, World.

Relevance- GS 2,  IR.

  • Russia has asked China for military and economic aid for its war in Ukraine, U.S. media reported. Moscow also asked Beijing for economic assistance against the crippling sanctions imposed against it by most of the Western world.


8. ‘India ready to release more oil reserves’

News Location- Page 12, Business.

Relevance- GS 3, Industrial Growth and Economy.

  • India will take ‘appropriate’ steps to calm the rise in oil prices, triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the junior oil Minister said on Monday, indicating the country could release more oil from national stocks if required. India imports about 85% of its oil needs. “Government of India is ready to take all appropriate action, as deemed fit, for mitigating market volatility and calming the rise in crude oil prices."


9. Retail business expanded 10% in February, says RAI

News Location- Page 12, Business.

Relevance- GS 3,  Economy.

  • The retail business in India grew 10% in February this year compared with the sales level in the same month last year, signalling that the sector is inching towards normalcy, the Retailers Association of India (RAI) said on Monday. According to RAI’s latest survey, the rise marks a growth of 6% compared with February 2020.