What to Read in The Hindu
17 December 2021


    1. 1971 war altered ideological map: Kovind; At 50th year commemoration of Liberation War, President lauds the vision of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

      • Page 1/Front

      • GS 1: Post Independence History, GS 2: IR


    1. Data protection Bill has provisions for ‘right to be forgotten’, Centre tells HC. Petition seeks removal of articles relating to a criminal case.

      • Page 2(Delhi Edition)/City

      • GS 2: Government policy


    1. Wrong forum: The attempt to securitise the climate change agenda could have unintended consequences

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 2: Important International Institutions


    1. Reflections on flying blind into the storm: The lack of public data on the pandemic will hit the integration of a fast shifting scientific frontier with clinical practice

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 2: Government policy


    1. The WTO’s challenge to MSP is another frontier to cross; The need is to convince farmers of other effective policy interventions that are World Trade Organization compatible.

      • Page 6/Editorial

      • GS 2: Important International Institutions, GS 3: Farm and food subsidies


    1. Is the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act past its expiry date? The final solution to insurgency or terrorism is not military in nature; it is political and economical

      • Page 7/OPED

      • GS 3: Internal security


    1. India marks 50 years of 1971 war; Modi, Rajnath pay homage at War Memorial.

      • Page 9/News

      • GS 1: Post Independence History


    1. JUH protests against Saudi Arabia ban on Tablighis

      • Page 10/News

      • GS 2: IR, GS 3: Internal Security


    1. Iran: no nuclear images for IAEA until curbs end

      • Page 11/World

      • GS 2: IR


    1. Power discoms owe gencos more than ₹1.56 lakh cr.: Singh; ‘By 2019-20, discoms accumulated losses were₹5.07 lakh cr.’

      • Page 12/Business

      •  GS 3: Energy


    1. Fed sees three rate increases in ’22 as inflation battle begins

      • Page 12/Business

      • GS 3: Economy