What to Read in The Hindu
17 January 2022


  1. Djokovic loses appeal against deportation

    • Page 1/Front

    • Prelims: Sports


  1. Friend in need: India and Sri Lanka have shown an ability to quickly act on promises to each other

    • Page 6/Editorial

    • GS 2:IR


  1. Storm warnings of a megacity collapse: What urban India needs today is not flashy retrofitted ‘smart’ enclaves but sound, functional metropolitan cities

    • Page 6/Editorial

    • GS 1: Urbanization


  1. Predatory pricing is prising Indian livelihoods apart: The economic dogma of lower prices, regardless of the means, as a sole and worthy pursuit is being challenged

    • Page 6/Editorial

    • GS 3: Economy


  1. Taxing cryptocurrency transactions: A streamlined tax regime is pivotal to a clear, constructive and adaptive regulatory environment

    • Page7/OPED

    • GS 3: Economy, Science & Tech


  1. A ‘lifeline’, animal farmed: The recent transplant of a pig’s heart into a man highlights the close connection between species

    • Page7/OPED

    • GS 3: Science & Tech, GS 2: Health


  1. Centre’s response awaited on law on interfaith marriages: A petition was moved before the SC seeking striking down of several provisions

    • Page 8/News

    • GS 1: Society


  1. Web3: A vision for the future What is the model based on? How is it different from the prevailing system of operation?  

    • GS 3: Science & Tech


  1. Sense and Sensitivity in self-driving cars: The eco-system in India for self-driving technology is flourishing, with innovation occurring at every level including sensor technology.

    • GS 3: Science & Tech