What to Read in The Hindu
17 March 2022

1. Neutrality for Ukraine is on the table: Lavrov

  • Russia said on Wednesday that peace talks with Ukraine were not easy but there was some hope of reaching a compromise and neutrality for Ukraine was being seriously discussed.

  • FrontPage Gs 3


2. Treating values of individual freedom as trifles

  • Gs 2,3,4 Editorial Page

  • The Constitution’s Preamble recognises this when it places an onus on the state to secure to all citizens, among other things, liberty, equality and fraternity. The last of those values is fortified by a further commitment. The state, the Preamble says, will guarantee “fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.


3. Clean energy must use the battery of a circular economy

  • GS 2,3 Page 6

  • The call for a creation of a circular economy is significant since an efficient waste management ecosystem would be necessary to manage the enormous waste generated by renewable energy projects in the coming decades.


4. India and China in talks over Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit

  • Gs 3, Page 10 News


5. In times of war, the yuan as a reference currency for interim oil trade

  • Page Text and Context

  • As part of Western sanctions, Russian banks were removed from SWIFT payments and energy imports from the country have also reduced. Thus, Russia has been trying to sell oil at a significant discount using the yuan as a reference currency.


6. The curious case of sealed cover jurisprudence

  • Gs 2,3 and Text and Context

  • Sealed cover jurisprudence is a practice used by the Supreme Court and sometimes lower courts, of asking for or accepting information from government agencies in sealed envelopes that can only be accessed by judges.