What to Read in The Hindu
21 August 2021


    1. Zycov-D, India’s first COVID-19 vaccine for those above 12, gets nod.


    1. Palm oil plan enthuses farmersCultivators of rubber in Kerala evince interest in making a switch.


    1.  With Indo-U.S. trade deal off, it is time India reorients its global economic engagement


    1. The fall of Kabul, the future of regional geopolitics


    1.  Faith and marriageDubious legislation cannot be allowed to criminalise inter-faith marriages


    1. The Rumbling Hills of Himachal Pradesh: In a State where hydro power projects, dams and construction activities are increasing, landslides too are becoming common. 


    1. Delta variant driving infections in India: Report


    1. Naveen launches smart health card for the poor


    1. Polygamy has no place in modern Arunachal: CM


    1. GSI lists geo-tourism sites in NE to visit after ‘unlock’


    1. Both Trump and Biden Administration responsible for the Afghan situation: Watch | Former U.S. National Security Council official Lisa Curtis on what led to the current situation in Afghanistan


12.China passes three-child policy into law