What to Read in The Hindu
21 March 2022

African technique used to translocate deer from Keoladeo

News Location- Page 5, States.

Relevance- GS 3, Conservation and Disaster Management.

  • An uncommon experiment with Africa’s Boma technique undertaken at Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district for capturing and translocating spotted deer is set to improve the prey base in Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve, situated 450 km away. The move will lead to herbivores populating the forests ahead of the proposed shifting of two tigers to Mukundara.


Get these wrinkles out of the South Asian textile story

News Location- Page 6, Editorial.

Relevance- GS 3, Indian Economy.

  • South Asia became a major player in the global textiles and clothing market with the onset of the third wave of global production. Bangladesh joined the league in the 1980s, owing to the outbreak of the civil war in Sri Lanka. Supportive industrial policy was an instrumental factor in the 1990s, with zero duty on raw material and capital machinery, as access to global markets led to the industry’s boom.Bangladesh overtook India in exports in the past decade as Indian labour costs resulted in products becoming 20% more expensive.


The spring blues

News Location- Page 6, Editorial.

Relevance- GS 3, Indian Economy.

  • The RBI has underlined that some of that damage to India’s GDP is permanent. This can be linked to businesses shutting shop for good, labourers migrating home (with many choosing not to return) and consumers turning increasingly reluctant.


Harm in the name of good

News Location- Page 7, OPED.

Relevance- GS 3, Conservation.

  • The UN General Assembly has proclaimed March 21 as the International Day of Forests to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of forests.The Central government, through the National Afforestation and Eco Development Board, launched an ambitious ₹19,000 crore plan for an afforestation project to rejuvenate 13 major rivers.


The complexities of introducing African cheetahs to India

News Location- Page 8, Text and Context.

Relevance- GS 3, Conservation and Disaster Management.

  • The cheetah, which became extinct in India after Independence, is all set to return with the Union Government launching an action plan. According to the plan, about 50 of these big cats will be introduced in the next five years, from the Africa savannas, home to cheetahs, an endangered species.



Japan still hopes India will join RCEP

News Location- Page 10, News.

Relevance- GS 2; Bilateral Ties, global Groupings.

  • Japan has still not given up hope that India might reconsider joining the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) from which it opted out in 2019, a senior Japanese official said, indicating that India Japan collaborations in other countries may be impacted if India continues to stay out.


Don’t go down the NATO path: China Minister

News Location- Page 11, News.

Relevance- GS 2, Bilateral Relations and Global Groupings.

  • The U.S. Indo Pacific strategy and the creation of groups such as the Quad were “as dangerous” as NATO’s eastward expansion in Europe, a top Chinese official has said.Chinese officials have blamed NATO’s expansion for triggering the crisis in Ukraine.


India hopes to put down roots in Arctic

News Location- Page 12, News.

Relevance- GS 1&3; Geography, Science and Technology Development.

  • India aspires to have a permanent presence with more research and satellite ground stations in the Arctic region, suggests a perusal of its Arctic Policy document officially unveiled last week. India now has a single station, Himadri, in NyAlesund, Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago, where research personnel are usually present for 180 days.


Working to improve tax literacy: CBDT chairman

News Location- Page 12, News.

Relevance- GS 3, Indian Economy.

  • The Income Tax Department is working to improve the “abysmally poor” tax literacy in the country so that the number of taxpayers and entities can be increased leading to enhanced collections.