What to Read in The Hindu
27 January 2022

​​1. Fewer hospitalisations in third wave, data from States show

  • Page 1/Front
  • GS 2: Health



2. Rampant human trafficking from Gujarat in the spotlight; The death of a family from Gujarat on the U.S.-Canada border has prompted the State police to launch a probe into the activities of local agents

  • Page 4/States
  • GS 3: Internal security



3. Spot-billed pelicans dying en masse in Andhra Pradesh; Nematode infestation triggers mass mortality of the birds in Naupada swamp of Srikakulam district; only 200 birds left

  • Page 5/States
  • GS 3: Environment



4. Taxing drama: The Centre must conclude the retroactive tax disputes and ensure policy predictability

  • Page 6/Editorial
  • GS 3: Economy - Government Budgeting



5. Unlock India’s food processing potential: Growing populations and unrestricted use of natural resources must push nations to have an efficient food value chain

  • Page 6/Editorial
  • GS 3: Food processing and related industries in India - scope and significance, location , upstream & downstream requirements, supply chain management.



6. Remembering the HolocaustIt is imperative that the Indian youth are empowered with knowledge to remember the painful history of the Holocaust

  • Page 7/OPED
  • GS 1: World History



7. 30% vacancies in Central offices as promotions on hold; Employees have sent petitions to Personnel Dept.

  • Page 8/News
  • GS 2: Governance



8. Xi offers Central Asian nations $500 mn: He chaired a virtual summit with regional leaders, two days before India’s virtual summit with them

  • Page 11/World
  • GS 2: IR



9. The ‘racial profiling’ of the Chakmas and Hajongs: When did these migrant communities arrive in Arunachal Pradesh? Where did they settle? Why does the State want to relocate them?

  • Page Text & Context - I
  • GS 1: Society