What to Read in The Hindu
31 January 2022

  1. ​​​​​EPFO to appoint auditor to track fund managersInvestments to be scrutinised daily.


  • Page 1/Front
  • GS 2: Statutory, Non-statutory bodies


  2. Migratory birds find winter home in Bengal; Water bodies in the arid areas of the State have become new havens for them


  • Page 4/States
  • GS 3: Environment


    1. Risky bets Russia should do more to reduce tensions along its border with Ukraine.
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 2: IR


    1. Show commitment to equity in the Budget; The Government needs to stop India’s avalanching slide into a grossly divided society, made worse by the pandemic
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 1: Poverty and development


    1. Mahatma Gandhi, the out-of-the-box thinker; Since Gandhiji does not fit into any hard and fast category, he continues to disturb us
      • Page 6/Editorial
      • GS 1: National Movement


    1. A year on from Myanmar’s ‘annus horribilis’; The road ahead looks dark and New Delhi’s outreach needs to be guided by realism and pragmatism
      • Page 7/OPED
      • GS 2: IR


    1. Another BrahMos deal in the pipelineIt could be inked with Philippines Army
      • Page 8/News
      • GS 2: IR


    1. Govt. moots plan to link digital IDs; Idea is to create a single unique identity for digital transactions, eKYC services
      • Page 10/News
      • GS 2: Governance


    1. The importance of the Nord Stream pipeline; How is the pipeline causing geo-political tensions? Is the U.S. planning sanctions on it?
      • Page Text & Context - I
      • GS 2: IR


    1. The operations of the Pegasus spyware: How does the NSO based spyware infiltrate mobile phones and laptops? Does India have laws against unauthorised hacking?
      • Page Text & Context - I
      • GS 3: Science & Tech, Cyber-security


    1. The DLI scheme and the chip making industry in India : Why is India trying to boost the semiconductor ecosystem? What are the incentives being promised?
      • Page Text & Context - I
      • GS 1: Industry