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Important Editorial Summary for UPSC Exam


INDIAN EXPRESS newspaper, especially editorial section, covers wide range of topics that are really relevant to UPSC CSE syllabus. It helps to inculcate dynamic approach in mains answer writing and fetch good marks.

Here we will analyze three different pages of INDIAN EXPRESS newspaper that can help aspirantsin dealing with current burning issues. These pages are – Explained, Editorials and Ideas.

  • Explained – This page of the newspaper deals with day-to-day issues in news that people might be aware of but lack detailed knowledge. These are common yet important topics such as; NPA, CRYPTO CURRENCY, CYCLONES, POLICY RATES BY RBI, RECESSION etc.
  • Editorials – Editorials are expert opinion of different government policies and actions. They provide both positive and negative aspects on decisions taken by government, thereby helping students to come up with their own view points. Topics covered here are; Agriculture, International Relations, Indian Economy, Government Schemes, High/Supreme Court verdicts etc.
  • Ideas – Under ideas experts provide their own take on how a particular problem like Communism, Climate Change, Indian Education System, Caste system, Issues inHealth Sector, Religious tensions etc. can be tackled.

Besides these above sections you can keep yourself updated on what to read on a daily basis from INDIAN EXPRESS you can click on the link below –

Previous Months of Indian Express Editorial Analysis

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