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ISHITA RATHI UPSC 2021-22 Rank-8

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  • Ishita Rathi, a 26-year-old from Delhi, whose parents both serve in the Delhi police force, achieved the 8th rank in this year's UPSC mains examination.
  • Reflecting on the announcement of the UPSC CSE 2021 results, Ishita described her experience as surreal.
  • She expressed surprise and disbelief at finding her name in the top 10 list. She acknowledged the unpredictable nature of the exam, noting that each attempt is markedly different from the previous one.
  • Ishita, like many other aspirants, faced challenges in her journey. She had not anticipated such a high rank and was uncertain about making it to the finals. Thus, her achievement came as a pleasant shock.
Category Details
Age 26
Rank 8
Attempt 3
Family Background FATHER , MOTHER and SIBLING
Hometown HARYANA
Selected as IAS


  • She completed her education at DAV Public School in Basant Kunj, Delhi.
  • She obtained her bachelor's degree from the renowned Lady Shri Ram College at Delhi University, and pursued her postgraduate studies in economics at the Madras School of Economics in Chennai.


  • Ishita has a sibling preparing for a government position, and her uncle works in the CBI.
  • Her parents served as her inspiration and pillars of support.
  • She was raised listening to her mother's stories about accomplished commanders who served the nation with distinction.


  • She expressed that her parents were her inspiration for aspiring to serve the nation.
  • Ishita, who cleared the UPSC exam on her third attempt, emphasised her goal to contribute to women's empowerment in India, believing that the progress of a country hinges on the development of its women.


  • Ishita mentioned that she didn't seek any additional coaching for this examination.
  • She initially followed the study methods of previous high achievers, relying primarily on YouTube and online content.
  • For staying updated on current affairs in the UPSC test, she turned to newspapers and magazines, while relying on well-regarded books covering history and Laxmikanth's polity for additional support.
  • Ishita also highlighted her preference for early morning study sessions.
  • She clarified that she dedicated a few hours each day to studying, taking breaks as needed, focusing on achieving her goals rather than strictly adhering to a set timetable.
  • In offering advice to potential candidates, she stressed the importance of building self-confidence, surrounding oneself with positive influences, and prioritizing good health in pursuit of exam success.
  • Ishita expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support of her parents throughout her UPSC preparation.
  • Her aspiration to become an IAS officer is fueled by her dedication to advocating for the empowerment of women and children.
  • She firmly believes that a nation's progress is intricately linked to the advancement of its women.
  • Ishita emphasised that her commitment to civil service takes precedence over a career in teaching.
  • She also shared that had she not succeeded in the civil services exam, she would have pursued an academic path in economics.
  • Ishita, who hails from the Baghpat district in western UP, expressed her determination to contribute to societal welfare and national development through her government service.
  • In 2019, after completing her postgraduate studies, Ishita made her first attempt at the exam.
  • In 2020, she made a second attempt, qualifying for the mains and reaching the interview stage. Finally, in her third attempt in 2021, she secured the 8th position in the UPSC examination.

When asked for advice for aspiring UPSC candidates, she emphasized, "I want to emphasize that the UPSC exam is undeniably challenging and demanding. It involves a year-long preparation followed by the actual examination. Therefore, patience is a crucial virtue. Alongside patience, maintaining a disciplined approach to a well-structured plan is essential. Possessing these qualities increases your likelihood of success. Additionally, since this exam can be taxing on various fronts, it's important to prioritize both your physical and mental health. Strive for balance throughout your UPSC journey."