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Chahal Academy is the best IAS Online Coaching for Civil Services Exam Preparation. Learn from India's Top mentors anywhere, anytime! Join Today Online UPSC Coaching, IAS Online Coaching. Our Consultants provides UPSC Online Coaching of excellent, time-tested standards.

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Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.

Our Methodology


  • 24X7 availability of best quality UPSC lectures.
  • 500+ hours of IAS/UPSC Complete Foundation Course lecture series.
  • Detailed Topic-wise Coverage of the UPSC CSE Syllabus. 
  • Flexible Timing.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Rescheduling 
  • The most competent, reliable and senior faculty and subject matter experts supported by a dynamic and up-to-date content team.
  • Learning as Per Your Convenience.

Why you should choose Chahal Academy’s Online Coaching of UPSC/IAS?

  • Super Affordable, Cost Effective and Cheaper
  • Personalized Attention
  • Updated with Current Affairs
  • Feedback by Subject Matter Experts
  • Bonus Answer Writing Tips
  • Best Faculty

    Best Faculty

    Benefit from high calibre coaching by our teachers and they are Highly qualified,Well Experienced and Knowledgeable..

    Well-Structured Course

    Well-Structured Course

    Our structured course package includes features to ensure success in your exams like Detailed Study Material learning.

    Excellent Infrastructure

    Anytime, Anywhere Rescheduling

    Enjoy the lectures anytime, anywhere as per your convenience, without missing out on anything.

    Assured Results

    Assured Results

    Enroll with us for assured results in All entrance exams: Over years of experience and Numerous successful students..


Chahal Academy’s Online coaching for IAS offers three exclusive kinds of up-to-date online IAS test series (with 60+ tests) meticulously designed for IAS aspirants keeping in mind their needs and aspirations. They are flexible and run according to the time constraints of students. They are systematic and a candidate has to finish the previous test before moving over to the next one. This ensures that the aspirant covers every test and its respective syllabus in time. Our most competent online IAS test series is supported by the most comprehensive explanations.  

Overall, our Online IAS test series ensures that the aspirant develops a concrete foundation, covers the entire UPSC syllabus and is current affairs updated.


  • 25 most Comprehensive tests in total.
  • 15 thematic tests with a well-defined syllabus
  • 6 Full-Length Tests
  • 4 Bonus Revision tests
  • All-India Rankings for critical self-assessment


  • 21 most Comprehensive Current Affairs Updated tests.
  • Monthly Coverage of most important Current Affairs.
  • Covers PIB, The Hindu, Monthly Yojana Digest, Monthly Kurukshetra Digest, Economic Survey, India Year Book etc.


  • 16 most comprehensive foundation-based tests
  • Covers 6th to 12th NCERT Books
  • Master Your Basics
  • Concrete Foundation of General Studies
Why IAS coaching online is a smarter way to LBSNAA?

There are two ways to prepare for an examination as trying as UPSC Civil Services Exam.

The Normal one, and the Smart one.;

In this fast life, we have hundreds of tasks in a day and sometimes we fail to prioritise our UPSC CSE preparation. This is natural. But, this cannot be repeated. Because consistency is the key to excel in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Therefore, we need to have a unique strategy at our fingertips which is well-suited according to our needs and time constraints. 

One such brilliant strategy is best Online UPSC coaching by Chahal Academy which delivers IAS online coaching videos in Hindi as well as in English medium.

Many IAS aspirants are opting for technical means to complete their UPSC preparation. This is because online preparation for UPSC is much cheaper and much convenient than regular IAS coaching. The class timings are very flexible as per one’s availability. 

Chahal Academy, the best online coaching for UPSC brings you the current affairs updated IAS lectures from the most competent and reliable IAS faculty from Delhi on your mobile phone and laptops. 

The online IAS/UPSC complete preparation course by Chahal Academy is suitable for anyone and everyone who is looking for UPSC coaching online facility to complete his/her IAS/UPSC preparation or is not able to attend the regular UPSC coaching classes due to some reason.

We provide short and informative online IAS coaching videos in Hindi as well as in English medium so that they can be easily understood by every aspirant irrespective of his/her background. 

It is not practicable for every UPSC aspirant especially the working professionals and homemakers to attend the full-time UPSC coaching in Delhi or any other city for that matter. Also, many aspirants are not able to pay the high fee charged by Delhi-based coaching centres. Also, it is not plausible for every aspirant living at faraway places to leave their respective homes and bear the heavy expense of travelling, shifting and then surviving in Delhi.

Chahal Academy, Online IAS coaching classes are the best alternative to a regular IAS/UPSC classroom programme because they are much cheaper than the regular IAS course with the same kind of quality IAS lectures at your fingertips with 24x7 availability. 

Chahal Academy provides one of the best UPSC coaching online facility with regular feedback and assessment system. The most comprehensive online test series provided by Chahal Academy ensures that aspirants have access to the best critical self-evaluation system so that they can identify their weak areas in advance and continuously work upon them.

To sum things up, Chahal Academy endeavors to provide the most competent IAS online coaching to UPSC aspirants to make them achieve their dreams easier and sooner.



Access Any time Any Where! Below are the features of the Application.

LIVE CLASSES online Coaching from Chahal Academy Application


Upcoming classes Learn any time, any where

LIVE CHAT online Coaching from Chahal Academy Application


Live chats during classes Clear doubts instantly with our experts

ADAPTIVE PRACTICE online Coaching from Chahal Academy Application


Questions related to exam pattern Dedicated questions for each concept

TESTS SERIES online Coaching from Chahal Academy Application


Multiple test Series Attempt all India mock tests

Frequently Asked Questions.

You have questions, we have answers.
Ans: CHAHAL ACADEMY focuses entirely on complete foundation course so as to provide students a one point solution at every step of this exam. Along with the foundation course we also integrate the preparation of Essay and conduct of TEST SERIES in this to evaluate students. We offer following courses : 1. GS Prelim-cum-Mains (with CSAT): Covers Prelims Papers I and II as well as the Four Papers of Mains and ESSAY. It takes a time span of 8-9 months. 2. GS Prelim-cum-Mains(without CSAT): Covers Prelims Papers I as well as the Four Papers of Mains and ESSAY. It takes a time span of around 7-8 months. 3. CSAT only: It covers the 2nd paper of preliminary exam. It takes a time span of 2-3 months. 4. PRELIMS ONLY ( GS + CSAT) It covers both papers GS + CSAT. It takes a span of 5 months. 5. Optional Test Series We provide Optional Test Series in following optional subjects : SOCIOLOGY-PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION-ECONOMICS-GEOGRAPHY-HISTORY. 6. GS Mains Test Series: Comprehensive Test series for all four papers of General Studies Mains Examination . 7. GS Prelims Test Series: Usually Starts in between November to January and continues till the date of preliminary examination. 8. Interview: Classes are held for all the candidates with special focus on analysis on DAF form and comprehensive coverage on social, political and economic issues apart from personality development. Course starts after the declaration of Mains result. After classes a number of mock interviews are being conducted to prepare students for the final step of the three tier process.
Ans: CHAHAL ACADEMY came into existence in 2011 to impart quality education to the students preparing for Civil Services Examination. At present we have branches in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Anand and Surat. With an experience of many years and also after sending a great number of students into various prestigious services, the institute can proudly claim to be the most dependable institute for complete foundation programme. CHAHAL ACADEMY is known for its experienced faculty, comprehensive coverage, passionate classes, frequent tests, elaborate explanation, excellent study material and its emphasis on personal attention. With a batch size of only 20-30 students, we are able to focus on each student and nurture the best out of them. Moreover with a team of 8-12 experienced faculties under the guidance of Mr. Sumesh Chahal, we finish systematically the entire Prelims and Mains syllabus with a clear timeline. Faculties are very senior and experienced. We renew our reputation on a continuous basis with greater standards year after year. Our material is the best and every year up to date. Our style is simple, effective and formalistic. Our substance is in-depth and relevant.
Ans: A standard 2 hours class of CHAHAL ACADEMY is centered on basics. Strives to make the concept clear. Explains with examples. Proper class notes are provided so that students maintain a daily writing habit. it is also enriched with the debates going in contemporary along with newspaper relevant issues. Recent articles associated with the topics going on are provided in the class.No dictation is given, only discussion is conducted in the class. Materials are provided in printed, soft copy and handwritten form. Most of the institution provides class dictation which consume 50% of the course time period. Hence, our 6 months course is equivalent to 12 months course of other institutions. This is the reason, why most of the coaching do not cover full course in the session. However, we cover entire course with due conceptual clarity.