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  • In his initial two attempts, Preetam Kumar IAS biography reveals that despite reaching the interview stage, he fell short of securing a spot in the final list of recommended candidates for civil services.
  • However, on his third try in the UPSC CSE 2021, Preetam Kumar clinched the 9th All India Rank (AIR), bringing him closer to realizing his aspiration of becoming an IAS officer.
  • Initially, Preetam's father, a Kargil war veteran, harboured a desire for his son to serve the country through government service.
  • Initially, Preetam did not pay much attention to this wish. It was only later, during his college years, that he conducted a thorough career analysis.
  • This process led him to the realisation that civil services offered more promising prospects compared to other career paths.
  • As he delved deeper into understanding the values and authority associated with the service, he decided to pursue a career in civil services


  • He attained an impressive 8.6 CGPA during his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering (B.Tech).
  • Securing 95% in his 10th-grade examination and 93% in his 12th-grade examination further exemplify his academic prowess.
  • His educational journey began at the primary school in his village, where he studied until the fifth grade.
  • He then transitioned to a public school in Nimka, continuing his education from the seventh through twelfth grades.
  • Following the completion of his studies, he relocated to Jaipur to prepare for the IIT entrance examination.
  • Succeeding in the exam, he gained admission to IIT Ropar, where he successfully earned a B.Tech degree in electrical engineering.
Category Details
Age 26
Rank 9
Attempt 3
Family Background FATHER, MOTHER, and SIBLING
Selected as IAS

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  • The key to becoming a UPSC topper in 2021 lies in thorough preparation.
  • It is crucial to dedicate intense focus to various issues and concepts, while also diligently gathering information about current events.
  • Preetam initiated his preparations for the exam in 2018, prior to a year of employment in Delhi.
  • Subsequently, he opted for self-study as his approach towards achieving success in civil services.
  • He devoted significant hours to studying at his desk, ensuring each topic received proper attention.
  • Preetam recognized mathematics as his forte and concentrated his efforts there, leading to exceptional results.
  • It's worth noting that success in the UPSC exam may not come on the first attempt.
  • Preetam personally experienced this, having taken the exam twice before, albeit falling short of success.
  • On both occasions, he advanced to the interview stage, though the outcome was just out of reach.
  • It's important for aspiring UPSC candidates to understand that detours and setbacks are part of the journey towards achieving their goals.
  • Persistence and hard work are indispensable qualities.
  • A significant portion, around 55 to 60 questions, in the exam pertains to the static domain.
  • This encompasses core texts like NCERTs and class notes.
  • Generally, it's advisable to rely on a single source for each subject. Historical questions have gained prominence in recent years, underscoring the importance of not overlooking any topic or area.
  • While it's true that UPSC often goes beyond these standard texts, covering materials like Spectrum and ShankarlAS (Environment), Preetam suggests utilizing them to develop a strong conceptual understanding.
  • Additionally, employing critical thinking during the exam can help in making informed guesses.

Through unwavering determination, a positive outlook, and a commitment to learning, he has reaped the rewards of his efforts. He never anticipated experiencing both failure and success in the same attempt, securing an impressive AIR-9 and a spot among the top ten. Hailing from a rural background, Preetam spent a significant portion of his early training years in hostel accommodations. He had a natural inclination towards athletics and continues to actively participate in sports. It was on his third attempt that he achieved the remarkable feat of securing AIR-9, bringing joy to everyone around him. Preetam emphasizes the importance of hard work for aspiring candidates, as it took him three attempts to pass this challenging test. His initial attempt in 2019 saw him clearing both the Prelims and Main exams, but falling short in the Interview stage. He acknowledges that the interview proved to be the most challenging aspect for him. Despite facing setbacks in the interview round twice, he persisted. In his third and final attempt in 2020, not only did he pass the UPSC exam, but he also secured the prestigious AIR-9 rank in India.