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Daily Current Affairs Quiz Question 2019-2020

Quiz Question

05 Feb 2020 Current Affairs Quiz february-2020

Que : 1  

Maitree Express and Bandhan Express connect which of the following countries/states:

Que : 2  

Consider the following statements with respect to Zonal Cultural Centres (ZCCs):
1. It was setup to protect, promote & preserve various forms of folk art and culture throughout the country.
2. They seek to inspire, foster and promote fine arts, dance, drama, music, theatre, crafts and related forms of creative expression.
3. It was setup in 1955.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Que : 3  

Greenbone Sustainable Resilience, a German cybersecurity firm has published a report on medital data leaks. In the report published which of the following states have the highest medical data leaks:

Que : 4  

Shaheen falcon a non-migratory subspecies of the peregrine falcon is found mainly in which of the following countries:

Que : 5  

Consider the following statements with respect to DefExpo-2020:
1. DefExpo 2020, a flagship annual event of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India
2. The  edition opcoming 5th edition of DefExpo promises to bring new technologies, technological solutions, where defence manufacturing companies from India and abroad showcase their products and services in defence arena on a single platform.
3. The main theme of the DefExpo India 2020 is 'India: The Emerging Defence Manufacturing Hub' and the focus will be on 'Digital Transformation of Defence'.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?