Daily Quiz
06 October 2023


Consider the following statements about International Space Station (ISS) 

1. It is multi-nation construction project of United States, Russia, Canada and Japan.

2. It is set up in low Earth orbit (LEO) 

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


United Nations' (UN) International Day of Rural Women is celebrated on which day


Recently, India signed RuPay Domestic Card Scheme Agreement with which country


Nagorno-Karabakh is a disputed region between which of the following two countries?


Goods and Services Tax, GST Council is chaired by


Which of the following statements regarding the Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 (SECC) is INCORRECT?           


A recent report, titled ‘Freedom on the Net 2023: The Repressive Power of Artificial Intelligence’, has raised a red flag on the increasing use of AI by governments for censorship and spread of disinformation. It was released by which organisation?



Consider the following statements regarding amphibians:

  1. They inhabit a wide variety of habitats, with most species living within terrestrial, fossorial (burrows), arboreal (trees) or freshwater aquatic ecosystems.
  2. Amphibians are four-limbed and ectothermic vertebrates of the group Lissamphibia.
  3. Many amphibians use their skin as a secondary respiratory surface.

How many of the above statements is/are correct?


Who was awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in literature recently?



Consider the following statements regarding green shipping:

  1. It refers to the use of such resources and energy to transport people and goods by ship that reduces carbon footprint and GHG emission.
  2. The government of India has come up with a National Action Plan for Green Shipping.
  3. India intends to increase the share of renewable energy to 60% of the total power demand of each of its major ports from a present share of less than 10%.

How many of the above statements is/are correct?