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WASEEM AHMED BHAT IAS Topper Rank-7 UPSC 2022-23 :


  • On May 23, 2023, the much-anticipated UPSC 2022 results were unveiled, revealing Waseem Ahmad Bhat's remarkable achievement of securing the 7th position (AIR 7).
  • Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, Waseem Ahmad Bhat's success stands as a beacon of inspiration for the entire state.
  • This marks his second successful attempt at clearing the Civil Services Examination, and he is currently undergoing training to become an IRS officer.
  • For many aspiring candidates, delving into the success story and preparation approach of Waseem Ahmad Bhat is of great interest.
  • Waseem Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Anantnag in Kashmir, achieved an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 7.
  • Having previously showcased his abilities in the 2020 Civil Services Exam with a commendable AIR 225, Waseem Ahmad Bhat's earlier achievements laid the foundation for his exceptional feat in 2022.
  • When discussing his perspective on the situation in Kashmir, Waseem emphasised his dedication to serving the public.


  • Waseem completed his civil engineering certification at NIT Srinagar.
  • Following this, he pursued a BTech in civil engineering at the same institution.
  • Afterward, he relocated to Delhi to embark on his UPSC Exam journey.
  • Undoubtedly, his strong academic foundation and unwavering dedication to his studies have significantly contributed to his overall performance.
  • Waseem Ahmad Bhat's journey to achieving AIR 7 in UPSC 2022 exemplifies the need for relentless focus and determination to succeed in the Civil Services Examination.
  • He underscores that success is not solely a matter of luck, emphasising that hard work has the power to bring about meaningful change.


  • Hailing from Anantnag's Dooru town, Waseem Ahmad emphasised the challenge of limited guidance for individuals from smaller communities.
  • He recognized that one of the main obstacles for those from small towns is the lack of proper guidance, an issue he himself faced.
  • Waseem believes that people from Kashmir excel in various fields, setting an example for others.
  • Even though he was in Delhi when Article 370 was revoked, he resumed his studies without encountering significant difficulties.
  • As the first in his family to pass the exam, he didn't rely on any mentoring or guidance during his preparation.
  • Waseem Ahmad Bhat, UPSC 2022 AIR 7, affirmed that with determination and a clear goal, any obstacle can be overcome.

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Waseem Ahmad Bhat, who secured AIR 7 in UPSC 2022, shares valuable insights into his examination strategy. Here are some essential tips for beginners in UPSC preparation:

  • Familiarise yourself with the UPSC Exam Pattern and eligibility criteria. Understand that the examination comprises the Preliminary, Mains, and Personality Test (Interview) stages.
  • Practise solving a variety of UPSC Question Papers and utilise reliable reference books, textbooks, and specialised study guides. Incorporate current affairs resources from reputable sources like newspapers, magazines, and websites.
  • Prioritise gaining a thorough understanding of the UPSC Syllabus before commencing your preparation.
  • Acknowledge that the UPSC preparation journey can be demanding and time-intensive. Strive to stay motivated throughout the process and surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals.
  • Regularly engage in UPSC Mock Tests to assess your level of readiness and pinpoint areas that require improvement.

Hailing from Anantnag district, Waseem Ahmad Bhat, who secured AIR 7 in UPSC 2022, attributes this achievement to the unwavering support he received from everyone around him. He mentioned that he gained valuable insights when he relocated to Karol Bagh in Delhi. There, he forged numerous new connections, engaging in regular discussions about UPSC with both exam takers and those unfamiliar with it.

Waseem Ahmad, UPSC 2022 AIR 7, also lauded the achievements of his Kashmiri friends who excelled in the exam. His aspiration is to serve as a public servant, particularly focusing on the welfare of the marginalized and indigenous sections of society. He firmly believes that Kashmiris possess exceptional talent and can showcase it when provided with the opportunity.