What to read in Indian Express
07 April 2022

1. House clears crime ID Bill, Opp flags concerns

  • Front Page.
  • GS 2, Judgements and Cases, Fundamental Rights, Govt Policies and Interventions.
  • The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022, enables the police to collect biometric details, including biological samples and behavioural information, of all those who have been convicted or arrested for any offence, or detained under any preventive detention law—and retain the data for 75 years.


2. In pandemic, food subsidy kept extreme poverty low

  • Front Page.
  • GS 3, Growth and Development, PDS, Buffer Stocks and Food Security.


3. How health for all is possible

  • Page 5.
  • GS 2,3; Health, Govt Policies and Interventions, Govt Budgeting, Planning.


4. WMD Amendment Bill passed in LS; Jaishankar says it will boost national security

  • Page 6.
  • GS 3, Linkages of Organized Crimes with Terrorism, Internal Security.


5. Unequal burden of pain

  • Page 10.
  • GS 3, Indian Economy.


6. The right to be different

  • Page 11.
  • GS 1,2; Fundamental Rights, Judiciary, Women Issues, Govt Policies and Interventions.


7. Budgeting for the future

  • Page 11.
  • GS 2,3; Development, Economy.


8. Why XE variant may not be a concern as of now

  • Page 13.
  • GS 2,3; Health, Disaster Management.


9. Unpacking climate report: the road ahead if the world misses the 1.5°C reduction target

  • Page 13.
  • GS 3, Environment, Climate Change, Conservation.