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Admin 2021-07-28

28 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] Needed, a more unified Asian voice for Afghanistan (GS 2 IR) 2] Dangerous conflagration: On Assam-Mizoram border clash (GS 1 Federation)

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Admin 2021-07-27

27 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1) Evaluating India’s options in Afghanistan 2) An emigration Bill that does not go far enough

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Admin 2021-07-26

26 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] Lessons from India’s food security response (GS 2 Schemes for Vulnerable sections) 2] A climate risk: On extreme weather events (GS 3 Climate Change)

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Admin 2021-07-24

24 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] Empowering nature with biocentric jurisprudence (GS 2 Judiciary) 2] The Ganga’s message: On microplastics pollution (GS 3 Ecology)

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Admin 2021-07-23

23 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] Limits of cooperation: On reforms in cooperative sector (GS 2 Cooperatives)

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Admin 2021-07-22

22 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] India must directly engage with Taliban 2.0 (GS 2 IR)

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Admin 2021-07-21

21 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] Spy in hand: On Pegasus spyware issue (GS 3 Security) 2] Sharing during scarcity: On Krishna and Godavari River Management boards (GS 2 Water sharing)

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Admin 2021-07-20

20 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] The crisis ahead, from learning loss to resumption (GS 2 Education) 2] Surveillance reform is the need of the hour (GS 3 Security)

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Admin 2021-07-19

19 July 2021: The Hindu Editorial

1] Calculating the benefits of lockdowns (GS 3 Economy) 2] Sensitive and precise: On anti-trafficking bill (GS 2 Trafficking)

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Current affairs have an essential role in UPSC-CSE preparation. In this regard Newspapers, especially The Hindu have a central role during preparation as opinion based questions increases in recent years. The editorial page contains anin-depth analysis of the relevant topic of general studies. It helps not only in mains answer writing but also in prelims as it consists of fact as well as analysis. It enhances the overall aspirant’s capability of thinking about different issues with a multidirectional approach. This holistic approach also reflects in solving case studies of ethics paper, essay writing and interview stage.

Before we go into how and what to read in THE HINDU editorials you should do:

  • Know the UPSC CSE syllabus thoroughly
  • Analyse the Previous Years Question Paper
  • Identify the topics relevant to the syllabus
  • Time of reading newspapers should not exceed an hour.

An important topic to focus in Hindu editorial-

  • Topics related to Government functioning, constitution, amendment, election reforms, parliamentary session, economic planning etc.
  • Focus on important judgments of the High Court and Supreme Court, social issues, environmental issues, women rights etc.
  • Focus on international relation- India’s bilateral relation with counties and role in WTO, IMF, UNO, WORLD BANK etc.
  • Government Policies and schemes.

Notes Making-

Reading newspaper is not sufficient alone. Aspirants should make subject wise notes which is further divided into topics & subtopics of the syllabus. When aspirants read newspapers about these topics, they should prepare notes in their own words.

In this regards, Chahal Academy Provides free of cost Daily Hindu Editorial Analysis through its own website. Visit the following links-