31 December

31 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. Killing the licence: The Government must give a more transparent account of its actions against NGOs

30 December

30 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. Maximising the boost: India must test the feasibility of mixing vaccines to help enable informed choice. 2. The efficiency myth of Aadhaar linking: The Government has made several dubious claims to push the Aadhaar project.

29 December

29 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​1. Trade defence: A reflexive resort to the anti-dumping duty risks skewing market dynamics Page 8/Editorial

28 December

28 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. A progressive step: Formation of a panel to look into withdrawal of AFSPA from Nagaland is a welcome move. 2. The gaps in the plan to tackle plastic waste: The draft regulations on extended producer responsibility are retrogressive in their approach.

27 December

27 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. More, and for more: Boosters for the aged and vaccines for children can help India combat the virus

24 December

24 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

We will be back after Christmas from Monday onwards. Merry Christmas.

23 December

23 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​1. Looking beyond the Forest Rights Act: Schemes and programmes already drafted for the tribal people need to be implemented everywhere

22 December

22 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​​1. Thinking before linking: Despite progressive aspects, linking electoral rolls with Aadhaar raises apprehensions 2. How the Code on Wages ‘ legalises ’ bonded labour; It allows employers to extend unlimited advances to workers and charge an unspecified interest rate on such loans

21 December

21 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. A strategic bulwark: India must redouble efforts towards Central Asia to counter the ‘Great Game’ rivalries 2. The sustained attack on federalism: Steps by the Union government have undermined the principles of federalism, especially fiscal federalism

20 December

20 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​​1. Age and marriage: Focus must be on creating social awareness about women’s reproductive health and rights 2. Testing the red lines in the Iran nuclear talksIt presents itself as a path paved with uncertainties and risks failure if the players adopt a ‘Trumpian’ attitude

17 December

17 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. Wrong forum: The attempt to securitise the climate change agenda could have unintended consequences 2. The WTO’s challenge to MSP is another frontier to cross; The need is to convince farmers of other effective policy interventions that are World Trade Organization compatible.

16 December

16 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1)  A thorn in Pakistan-Bangladesh relations: Five decades after Bangladesh’s victory in 1971, an apology from Islamabad for events of the period is overdue 2) The price of food must figure in the policy: An agricultural policy must ensure that farming is profitable but not at the cost of a high price of food

15 December

15 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. Pain from prices: More fuel tax cuts are needed to prevent inflation from hurting the recovery 2. 2. The NMP is hardly the panacea for growth in India; As the Government has also shown, there are out-of-the-box policy initiatives to revamp public sector businesses

14 December

14 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. Fathoming the new world disorder: It is pegged to the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, a development with a far-reaching impact on global politics

13 December

13 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. The evolution and framing of the Constitution: It does not impose, with reason, the same burden of accountability on the Judiciary as the Executive and the Legislature 2. The dream of being a chip hub: Many factors need to come together for India to make a mark in the niche chip industry

11 December

11 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​1. Green shoots: The Government should build political consensus on plans for reform in farm sector 2. Goods and Services Tax as an unfinished agenda; Seen purely from a revenue point of view and as a fiscal policy tool, India’s GST is still on a rocky road

10 December

10 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​​1. A tragic loss: India must realise Gen. Rawat’s plans for genuine tri-service operational capabilities 2. Children and schooling in the post-COVID-19 era; India will have to confront bitter facts if it wants to prepare a recovery plan of any credible and practical value;

09 December

09 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. High LPG prices are scorching the air pollution fight. Reinstating subsidies on LPG refills for low-income households can help reverse families going back to polluting fuels 2. Low tobacco tax, poor health: The absence of an increase in tax on tobacco products post-GST has impacted revenue and could worsen public health

08 December

08 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​​1. A robust friendship: India and Russia have to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape while deepening ties 2. Mediation Bill: Not getting the Act together; While it contains many pluses, the Bill needs improvement in some crucial places

07 December

07 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. End the impunity: The botched Army operation in Nagaland is yet another reason why AFSPA should go 2. Expanding India’s engagement envelope with Russia: Beyond existing fields such as defence and energy, there are other areas which can help deepen their links

06 December

06 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. The need to reopen anganwadis: India must invest robustly in the world’s largest social programme on early childhood services

04 December

04 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. Elephants are victims of train collisions and electric fences in rising man-animal conflicts 2. Recast this apples-and-oranges ranking method; The NIRF’s ranking of State-run and centrally-funded higher education institutions on a common scale is problematic

03 December

03 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. A white touch to a refreshed green revolution; The Amul model, of a socio-economic enterprise, has immense potential to aid India’s crop-growing farmers 2. Births and rights: Laws on reproductive rights must recognize differences in orientation, relationship choices

02 December

02 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. Point of disorder: Disruption of proceedings, suspension of MPs undermine parliamentary democracy equally 2. A capital functioning from different regions; Distributed development and decentralised governance will pave the way for an inclusive Andhra Pradesh

01 December

01 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1) Small grant but a big opportunity for local bodies; The earmarked health allocation recommended by the 15th Finance Commission can fulfil a mandate on primary care 2) India’s informal economy has not shrunk; An SBI Research study’s claim that there is greater formalisation of the economy is unfounded

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