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THE HINDU Current Affairs for IAS/UPSC Exam


13 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. The evolution and framing of the Constitution: It does not impose, with reason, the same burden of accountability on the Judiciary as the Executive and the Legislature 2. The dream of being a chip hub: Many factors need to come together for India to make a mark in the niche chip industry


11 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​1. Green shoots: The Government should build political consensus on plans for reform in farm sector 2. Goods and Services Tax as an unfinished agenda; Seen purely from a revenue point of view and as a fiscal policy tool, India’s GST is still on a rocky road


10 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​​1. A tragic loss: India must realise Gen. Rawat’s plans for genuine tri-service operational capabilities 2. Children and schooling in the post-COVID-19 era; India will have to confront bitter facts if it wants to prepare a recovery plan of any credible and practical value;


09 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. High LPG prices are scorching the air pollution fight. Reinstating subsidies on LPG refills for low-income households can help reverse families going back to polluting fuels 2. Low tobacco tax, poor health: The absence of an increase in tax on tobacco products post-GST has impacted revenue and could worsen public health


08 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​​1. A robust friendship: India and Russia have to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape while deepening ties 2. Mediation Bill: Not getting the Act together; While it contains many pluses, the Bill needs improvement in some crucial places


07 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. End the impunity: The botched Army operation in Nagaland is yet another reason why AFSPA should go 2. Expanding India’s engagement envelope with Russia: Beyond existing fields such as defence and energy, there are other areas which can help deepen their links


06 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

1. The need to reopen anganwadis: India must invest robustly in the world’s largest social programme on early childhood services


04 Dec 2021: The Hindu Editorial Analysis

​​​​​​1. Elephants are victims of train collisions and electric fences in rising man-animal conflicts 2. Recast this apples-and-oranges ranking method; The NIRF’s ranking of State-run and centrally-funded higher education institutions on a common scale is problematic


Current affairs have an essential role in UPSC-CSE preparation. In this regard Newspapers, especially The Hindu have a central role during preparation as opinion based questions increases in recent years. The editorial page contains anin-depth analysis of the relevant topic of general studies. It helps not only in mains answer writing but also in prelims as it consists of fact as well as analysis. It enhances the overall aspirant’s capability of thinking about different issues with a multidirectional approach. This holistic approach also reflects in solving case studies of ethics paper, essay writing and interview stage.

Before we go into how and what to read in THE HINDU editorials you should do:

  • Know the UPSC CSE syllabus thoroughly.
  • Analyse the Previous Years Question Paper.
  • Identify the topics relevant to the syllabus.
  • Time of reading newspapers should not exceed an hour.

An important topic to focus in Hindu editorial-

  • Topics related to Government functioning, constitution, amendment, election reforms, parliamentary session, economic planning etc.
  • Focus on important judgments of the High Court and Supreme Court, social issues, environmental issues, women rights etc.
  • Focus on international relation- India’s bilateral relation with counties and role in WTO, IMF, UNO, WORLD BANK etc.
  • Government Policies and schemes.

Notes Making-

Reading newspaper is not sufficient alone. Aspirants should make subject wise notes which is further divided into topics & subtopics of the syllabus. When aspirants read newspapers about these topics, they should prepare notes in their own words.

In this regards, Chahal Academy Provides free of cost Daily Hindu Editorial Analysis through its own website. Visit the following links-

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