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What to Read in Indian Express for UPSC Exam

08 Dec

08 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) On eve of the democracy meet, India speaks out on jail for Suu Kyi 2) India ‘very unequal’, top 10% hold 57% of national income: Inequality Report 3) Judiciary failed to sten tide of militat majoritarianism: Tharoor; ministers oppose reference to particular cases 4) DRDO successfully tests missile to be deployed on Naval warships 5) Back to classrooms

07 Dec

07 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) A case of mistaken identity, says Shah; grief, anger sweep Nagaland 2) India, Russia sign AK-203 rifle deal, military logistics pact is ‘put off’ 3) Marginalization happens to anyone different from ‘norm’: Chandrachud 4) When numbers hide 5) The architecture of justice

06 Dec

06 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) Nagaland: 14 civilians killed by forces; soldier dies of injuries as violence erupts

04 Dec

04 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) Ad revenue: Facebook and Google make more than the top 10 media firms put together 2) Bills to extend tenures of CBI, ED chiefs introduced in Lok Sabha 3) RS reserves decision to allow Pvt Bill on amending Preamble 4) Event to mark 100 yrs of PAC begin today

03 Dec

03 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) SC warns Delhi govt on pollution: will appoint someone to administer 2) Nizamuddin Basti conservation project gets two UNESCO Awards 3) Human traddicking survivors identify gaps in draft Bill, seek community-based rehabilitation 4) China in sea, India at dock

02 Dec

02 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) Roll out common entrance exam from 2022-23: UGC to Central universities 2)Indian farmers opt for complex fertilisers 3)REVENUE COMFORT

01 Dec

01 Dec 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) Riding consumption and farm uptick, economy grows at 8.4% in 2nd quarter 2) Demographic balance upset in border states: BSF DG on 50-km rule 3) Give space to unknown freedom fighters: House panel on textbooks 4) How to read Q2 GDP data 5) What’s in Uttarakhand’s Char Dharm Act, & why it is being withdrawn

30 Nov

30 Nov 2021: What to Read in Indian Express

1) House clears farm laws repeal Bill, Govt rejects Opp call for debate 2) 12 RS MPs suspended for entire session, Opp calls it undemocratic 3) In speeches, PM called for ‘quality debates’; in House, Govt pushed 15 Bills in under 10 mins last session 4) SC-appointed panel seeks devices of petitioners for technical checks 5) POWERLESS TO PAY


INDIAN EXPRESS is one of the major source for current affairs preparation in UPSC CSE. It helps to inculcate a multidimensional approach in mains answer writing and facts also helps in prelims.However, like any other sources, reading it end to end is not necessary.

Important topics to focus:

  • Topics related to national/international heritage, new GI tags, current geographical phenomenon, issues related to women and society, health, education, social security etc.
  • Topics related to Governance, Constitution, Constitutional amendment, High court and Supreme Court verdicts, government Policies and schemes, Diplomatic relations,International relation, Multilateral Forums etc.
  • World and Indian Economy, Employment, Poverty, Budget, National and International Security, Natural Disasters, Environment and Climate Change.

Topics to avoid:

  • News on Sports, Death, Awards, Politics, Crime, Cinema, share market details etc.

But, it is difficult for beginners to identify all the relevant topics for UPSC CSE. So you can click on the links below to know what to read from Indian Express daily-

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