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What to Read in Indian Express for UPSC Exam

09 Dec

09 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. UK pays additional $126 mn to Rwanda over contested illegal migrants relocation

08 Dec

08 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. UN chief invokes rare article for Gaza ceasefire, angers Israel 2. Only major Western nation to join, Italy leaves China’s Belt and Road Initiative

07 Dec

07 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. PoK is ours, J&K paid for Nehru blunders, Art 370 root cause of terror: Shah 2. FBI chief set to visit next week, NIA to discuss evidence against Pannun

06 Dec

06 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. UK to increase salary threshold for work visas to cut immigration. 2. After decades of decline, kiwis breed again in New Zealand’s capital.

05 Dec

05 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Aspirational districts, among India’s poorest, boost BJP’s poll victory 2. US principal Deputy NSA meets Jaishankar, Doval

04 Dec

04 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. An emperor's ream to life, a 13th-century reservoir hopes to restore lost glory. 2. Modi in the state.

02 Dec

02 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Governor can’t send re-adopted Bill to President after withholding assent: SC

01 Dec

01 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Manufacturing pushes GDP growth rate to 7.6% in Q2. 2. Not giving up on coal anytime soon: India.


INDIAN EXPRESS is one of the major source for current affairs preparation in UPSC CSE. It helps to inculcate a multidimensional approach in mains answer writing and facts also help in prelims.However, like any other sources, reading it end to end is not necessary.

Important topics to focus on:

  • Topics related to national/international heritage, new GI tags, current geographical phenomenon, issues related to women and society, health, education, social security etc.
  • Topics related to Governance, Constitution, Constitutional amendment, High court and Supreme Court verdicts, government Policies and schemes, Diplomatic relations, International relations, Multilateral Forums etc.
  • World and Indian Economy, Employment, Poverty, Budget, National and International Security, Natural Disasters, Environment and Climate Change.
  • Selected articles in Explained section.
  • Case studies related to topics in the UPSC-CSE syllabus.


  • News on Sports, Death, Awards, Politics, Crime, Cinema, share market details etc.
  • Note making of each topic.

But, it is difficult for beginners to identify all the relevant topics for UPSC CSE. So you can click on the links below to know what to read from Indian Express daily-

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