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What to Read in The Hindu for UPSC Exam

15 Jun

15 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. 10 lakh persons to get govt. jobs in 18 months, announces Modi 2. The ‘C’ factor in the Russia­ Ukraine war  3. Malnutrition in India is a worry in a modern scenario 4. The way to end child marriage 5. Can the new Google chatbot be sentient? 6. Centre clears Agnipath scheme

14 Jun

14 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. Retail inflation eases to 7.04%  2. Tackling the crisis of rising global food prices  3. Upholding the right to repair

13 Jun

13 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1.Modern Times: watches keep an eye on workers 2. Can’t enforce RTE unconditionally on pvt. schools 3. Afghan women’s rights are at risk 4. Environment Index: India ranked last

09 Jun

09 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1.RBI raises rates to tame inflation 2.Satisfied with India’s action: Iran Minister

08 Jun

08 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. Govt. reaches out to all OIC members (Front Page) 2. The weight of the GST Council ruling (Editorial Page)

07 Jun

07 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1.More nations express outrage; India flays OIC 2.A 'silver' moment to propel a Bay of Bengal dream

06 Jun

06 June 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. 10% ethanol blending goal met, says PM 2. World’s first fishing cat census done in Chilika 3. The IPEF holds promise but there are perils too 


Newspapers are one of the important sources of preparation for the civil service exam and in this regard, THE HINDU plays a crucial role. Most of the aspirants are aware of the fact and they prefer to read it, but many of them lack a proper approach to what to read, what to leave, how to read, how to make notes, etc? So the aspirant should aware of what are relevant articles from the exam point of view and how they extract information and making own notes. Here are some important instructions to aspirants to read in THE HINDU newspaper for the UPSC-CSE exam-

  • First, read the syllabus thoroughly and choose articles, which are relevant to the syllabus.
  • Don’t focus on political news, remarks, local politics, etc.
  • Less emphasis on sports, entertainment, death, awards etc related news.
  • Focus on socioeconomic issues such as women, vulnerable section, poverty, employment, health, education, social security, etc related policies and acts.
  • Focus on constitution, constitutional amendment, Supreme Court and high court verdict.
  • Focus on international relations, reform in the multilateral organisation and all other news having national and international importance.
  • Focus on syllabus related editorials to improve your comprehension and articulation skills.
  • Understand the developments instead of memorizing.

Initially, it takes more time, gradually you enjoy the process and in this regard chahal academy also provides various current affair initiative such as- what to read in Hindu, daily facts of the day, daily current affair etc, with following links.

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