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What to Read in The Hindu for UPSC Exam

17 May

17 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1) Stronger India-Nepal ties a must to face emerging challenges, says PM 2) Sweden makes NATO bid official, says entering ‘new era’ 3) A war that is shrinking India’s geopolitical options 4) The technical higher education market dissected 

16 May

16 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. In abeyance of Section 124A, a provisional relief. 2. This Delhi High Court split verdict needs to be resolved. 3. Fuel to fire 

14 May

14 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. SC declines to stay J&K delimitation report 2. Actions that corrode the steel frame of India 3. An industry barely hanging by a thread

13 May

13 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. Retail inflation quickens to an almost eight year high at 7.8% 2. Gotabaya appoints Ranil as Sri Lanka Prime Minister 3. Event Horizon reveals true colours of SgrA*

12 May

12 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. SC puts colonial sedition law on hold. 2. HC gives split verdict on marital rape. 3. Rising internet addiction in children worries expert.

11 May

11 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. ‘India guided by Sri Lankans’ interests’ 2. Can sedition accused get protection, asks SC 3. HC to give verdict on marital rape today

10 May

10 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. Amid rising violence, Mahinda Rajapaksa quits as Sri Lanka PM 2. We will reconsider sedition law: Centre

09 May

09 May 2022: What to Read in The Hindu Newspaper

1. Citizenship delayed; 800 Pakistani Hindus left India 2. Future looms dark for 48% of bird species 3.India’s judiciary and the slackening cog of trust 


Newspapers are one of the important sources of preparation for the civil service exam and in this regard, THE HINDU plays a crucial role. Most of the aspirants are aware of the fact and they prefer to read it, but many of them lack a proper approach to what to read, what to leave, how to read, how to make notes, etc? So the aspirant should aware of what are relevant articles from the exam point of view and how they extract information and making own notes. Here are some important instructions to aspirants to read in THE HINDU newspaper for the UPSC-CSE exam-

  • First, read the syllabus thoroughly and choose articles, which are relevant to the syllabus.
  • Don’t focus on political news, remarks, local politics, etc.
  • Less emphasis on sports, entertainment, death, awards etc related news.
  • Focus on socioeconomic issues such as women, vulnerable section, poverty, employment, health, education, social security, etc related policies and acts.
  • Focus on constitution, constitutional amendment, Supreme Court and high court verdict.
  • Focus on international relations, reform in the multilateral organisation and all other news having national and international importance.
  • Focus on syllabus related editorials to improve your comprehension and articulation skills.
  • Understand the developments instead of memorizing.

Initially, it takes more time, gradually you enjoy the process and in this regard chahal academy also provides various current affair initiative such as- what to read in Hindu, daily facts of the day, daily current affair etc, with following links.

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