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Rengaraj Viswanathan(IFS)

    Former Indian Diplomat
    Ambassador Under GOI

Suresh Chandra Garg (Chairman)

    Education Council of India
    Director: Commonwealth,London

Mahabir Singh Langan (IPS)

    Indian Police Service
    Government of India

Ram Kumar Verma (IPS)

    President's Police Medal
    UN Peace Keeping Mission

Keshav Prasad (IRS)

    Income Tax Commissioner
    Income Tax Appellate Tribunal

Sumesh Chahal (Director)

    Eminent Educationist & Mentor
    Chahal Academy, Delhi

Yogesh Narang (IAS)

    Former Joint Secretary
    Ministry of External Affairs

Pranay Aggarwal (Director)

    Eminent Educationist & Mentor
    IAS Gurukul, Delhi

Praveen Kumar Aggarwal (Director-HR)

    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
    Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

Most Important: Frequently Asked Questions in IAS/UPSC Interview

Note: These are not random questions written based on self-intuition, it’s based on actual experience of upsc civil services interview of last 5years’s selected candidates.

  1. Why or When did you decided to prepare for UPSC Examination?
  2. Why you want to become an IAS, IPS or IFS Officer?

    ➢ If you have filled common or general service preferences, there won’t any questions on those lines but if chosen IPS over IAS or IFS as First or Forth Choice you must justify the reasons.

    ➢ What if you don’t get your desired service or state?

  3. What are the areas that you would like to primarily focus or work upon?

    ➢ How you will improve the bureaucracy for better development of state or nation - only say well thought visions not impractical dreams.

  4. If you are working or already in the service, then there will more questions on your work profile then your academics. (academic questions are also dependent on the no. of years i.e. before how many years you were graduated, if recently there might be technical questions otherwise very basic or less questions will be asked)
  5. Job Profile Details - Important key concepts of your field / stream / work (just to check how much curious & aware you are about the place or organization you are associated with)
  6. Have you ever Visit Delhi? (generally followed by a question related to change in recent years, whether you are native or if visited 1-2years ago)
  7. Sometimes question go even on the lines like are you a vegetarian or nonvegetarian? (Ethical Vs Unethical)
  8. Primary Schools, Parks, Rivers, Adjoining Districts Nearby your Area?
  9. Questions Related to Rural & Urban planning ( interconnectivity )
  10. Famous or Important Historic, Social, Economic, Political Event (Policy, Reform, Law) related to your city or state (not much technical or detailed so don’t run for searching too much) Major Issues or Development Related to your state
  11. Types of Taxes & Impact of GST (especially if have economics as optional or from commerce background otherwise less probability)
  12. Voting, Elections, Democracy,Media,Funding,Election Commission of India (Power & Autonomy of ECI)
  13. Politicians having criminal background (Law & Related Problem)
  14. Recent Law related to reservation – Economic Weaker Section (10%)
  15. DRDO, ISRO, Rocket launching centre, Use of Satellite Technology & remote sensing, Ordnance Factory, Defence System - Allowed FDI?
  16. You should stay on your point if your takeaway or approach of answer is right, incase if it’s wrong sometimes you must correct yourself by accepting your mistake & respecting their answer. (Never try to prove yourself always right - Awareness is the Key, Think:Compare:Decide)

    ➢ one should not fear in taking the appropriate stand.

  17. Women Empowerment, Women Reservation in parliament, Euthanasia, Gini Co-efficient, Black Money, POSCO
  18. Presidential Vs Parliamentary form of Govt, National Land Record Modernization Program – land records Public Vs Private Institution Work life & Culture, E-Governance, Work Ethics, Subhas Chandra Bose - INA
  19. India Vs USA – Why we are poor, how we can improve?
  20. Education, Unemployment, SETU, Unemployment Vs Underemployment, IITs, AIIMs, Primary Vs Higher Education Vs PG or PHD
  21. Formation of New States (mainly if you are from Uttarakhand(UP), Jharkhand(Bihar),Chhattisgarh(MP),Telangana(AP) – Q also in Mains 2018)
  22. Rural Visit & Status of Development (Specially if you are from metro city or settled in city from rural area for profession or education)
  23. UNDP, GDP, 1991 Economic crisis, GDI, Terrorism, SEZ – Role in Development, Fiscal Deficit, Primary Deficit, import substitution, Make in India, Skill India, Atal innovation mission, RBI
  24. Farming issues – Agriculture, Fertilizer, irrigation
  25. Loss Making PSUs (May ask to them – Mainly your State Specific)
  26. Indian Technological Developments - Param, Search Engine
  27. May ask you to join a Random puzzle without lifting a pen ( to check your attitude reasonable try or give up)
  28. New or Status of development in your area, district or state
  29. River flowing from your city or state & its tributaries – interlinking of rivers, Various Govt Schemes & initiatives
  30. Hobby/Graduation Field – it’s relevance or application in administration, how it will help you in becoming a better officer! ( Never Be Too Much Technical & Specific relate to your field only- Comprehensive Thinking)
  31. Budget, E.Survey ( Difference, Comparison of with Previous Year – Your Views – are politicians misusing it for personal gains & vote bank)
  32. Important topics of your optional subject – (If Expert is there then specific questions otherwise not much detailed questions only basic questions like why you chose & it’s relevance in administration or how it can be helpful in solving major Social, Economic problems, your takeaway from subject)
  33. HDI, Happiness Index, Literacy Rate, Crime Rate, Malnutrition, National Birth Rate, Death or Mortality Rate (Statewise & National)
  34. Judiciary – Justice Delayed is Justice Denied ?
  35. Disaster Management, UNESCO, UNEP, Social Media, Cyber security, Smart city, Nuclear energy
  36. SAARC, McMahon Line, Redcliff Line, Art 368, Indo-US, India-Iran relations, North India vs South India.
  37. British Civil services , Air India, AFSPA, India Vs China’s Economy – Exports, Border disputes or conflict , illegal immigrants, drug trafficking, Panchsheel Agreement
  38. 2nd Oct, 2nd Dec, 26 Jan, 15 Aug (If your birth date or interview is on any such kind of important dates)

    February 4: World Cancer Day

    February 12: National Productivity Day

    February 13: National Women's Day

    February 14: Valentine Day

    February 20: World Day of Social Justice

    February 21: International Mother Language Day

    February 24: Central Excise Day

    February 28: National Science Day

    March 1: World Civil Defence Day & Zero Discrimination Day(UN)

    March 3: World Wildlife Day & World Hearing Day(WHO)

    March 4: National Security Day

    March 8: International Women’s Day

    March 13: No Smoking Day

    March 15: World Consumer Rights Day

    March 16: World Sleep Day

    March 18: Indian Ordnance Factories’ Day

    March 20: International Day of Happiness

    March 21: World Forestry Day

    March 22: World Day for Water

    March 23: World Meteorological Day

    March 24: World TB Day

    March 27: World Theatre Day

  39. Important Amendments, Decentralization: 73rd & 74thConstitutional Amendments, Due Process of Law Vs Procedure Established by Law, How many ways the constitution of India can be amended?
  40. There is difference between Hobbies & Interest…!

    ➢ if you like traveling but haven’t visited many places it becomes your interest, Same way if you like singing, playing some sports but don’t know famous peoples related to that field or if your are not following it regularly you should avoid it writing as your hobby.

    ➢ if your hobby is Public Speaking, they might tell you to deliver 1minute speech on some topics. Speech as Indian envoy or You are the Indian ambassador to the UN & giving Speech on UNSC Membership.

  41. Basically, there is no fixed no of questions or list like Economy-2Qs, Polity-2Qs, Optional-2Qs Noathing like that. They just want to have 25-40min conversation to understand your personality & decide your suitability for job profile. (Listening skills, Balanced Approach, Positive Attitude, Behaviour, Confidence, Body Language, Logical Decision Making, Analytical Ability, Eye Contact, Presentation, Communication Skills, Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Awareness, oncern for Public Service)

➢ it’s you who can make conversation more interesting or boring!

Some Common questions which are being asked or otherwise important.

  • How does your graduation or work experience will help in Civil Services? (On such questions they expect out of box thinking & unique answers)
  • Tell us something about Recent innovations in your graduation or work stream?
  • What is difference between Engineering and Technology?
  • Government or nation suffers from huge loss, when such technically sound engineers or doctors are not doing their filed related work
  • Importance of Willpower, planning & management)
  • Sex ratio (if high or low in your state)
  • To produce 1kg rice on requires 1000-1200kg of water
  • One phase to three phase electricity conversion as motor or water pump mostly work on 3phase power supply.
  • Gujarat 7000cr revenue deficit to revenue surplus how – 5946cr in 2017? SEZ Companies near Mundra? Gujarat’s model of development.
  • Maharashtra has strong administration still many farmer’s suicide, why?
  • Outline some changes took place in education system & govt examination.
  • Why don’t you join politics ?
  • LBSNAA: Many Marry There & Divorce later why?
  • Have you observed or seen any illegal work in your area,city or state?
  • There might be some questions related to their stream or interest not necessary you know. (don’t lie or try to fool them)
  • Sometimes they get an idea what you are going to speak so they interrupt you in-between & say to move on: please don’t mind or feel disrespect.
  • What are some contemporary challenges or problems that india is facing from long time?
  • There might be some questions related to their stream or interest not necessary you know. (don’t lie or try to fool them)
  • Student teacher ratio present & recommended in schools and colleges.
  • If you have done graduation 4-5 years ago or have work experience, then there want to much questions on academics
  • Sometimes there might be no questions based on your hobby, interest, Optional subject, graduation subjects, current affairs & sometimes even whole interview goes on current affairs topics. (Editorial Title of that day)
  • What’s DOB, Roll No, Graduation Subjects, Strength & Weaknesses, strengths so many no weaknesses or fake weakness showing inside or indirect strength!
  • No Income Tax Till 5 Lakh is it good step for economy. (6Cr+ Tax payers About 4Cr Tax payers has income between 2.5Lac to 5Lac)
  • Public Duty Vs. Public Safety Vs. Law Enforcement (What’s more important)
  • Lateral Entry in Civil Services Vs UPSC Exam (Public Trust & Legitimacy)
  • Be confident but cross the height of confidence & try to answer everything even if you can’t answer first 2-3 questions don’t lie or bluff they Are 60+.
  • Don’t believe in myths like “A-interview Board Marks” Vs “B-interview Board Marks” Higher & Your interview is First or Last. (Anyways you can’s decide your panel & time so better focus on preparation)
  • You are capable enough only there for you are being called for an interview If you can think of 100 possible questions from your DAF & Practice it thoroughly you will easily score great marks. (inter-view = inside-view : don’t try to hide your personality & freely express yourself)
  • There is hidden thread between questions if you can understand & decode, it would be much easy for you to predict the questions & drive the interview.
  • Cricket Chit Chat To Brutal Crimes like Rape, Murder & Terrorism. There might be huge contrast in interview questions. 3Hours Mains Paper of 250marks & 25-40Min Interview of 275marks. Make it count! ( it's not your last day on earth so don’t worry, Be fearless, Be confident & answer with best of your knowledge & intellect)
  • They are present & aware want you to deal just like that : Its Exactly as it’s called “Personality Test”, You might not understand by kind of questions, but it will reflect in your marks!

Best of Luck….

Best IAS/UPSC Mock Interview in Delhi
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