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Daily Answer writing

15 Feb

(15 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Social exclusion is one of the most important factor that determines vulnerability to disasters. Explain. (150 Words)

13 Feb

(13 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Public is the real censor board". What is your opinion on this view? Give arguments to support your answer. (150 Words)

12 Feb

(12 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Unbridled and rampant development in geologically sensitive areas is a wilful invitation to disasters. Explain how honest implementation of Environmental impact Assessment(EIA) norms can reduce the risks related to disasters in such regions. (150 Words)

11 Feb

(11 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Despite the noble causes behind the nationalization of banks, privatization of the banks in today's liberal landscape has become necessary. Critically Analyse (250 Words)

10 Feb

(10 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Social media is both an avenue of mobilisation as well as prone to capture by purveyors of propaganda and hate. In this context critically analyse the prospects of empowering citizens to report propaganda and hate crime. (250 Words)

09 Feb

(09 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) The Himalayan mountains are one of the most geologically and environmentally fragile ecosystems of the world. Enumerate the potential risks that the Himalayan ecosystem faces today along with its potential impacts. (250 Words)

08 Feb

(08 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) In this period of unprecedented challenges, social distancing, and uncertainty, discuss how Social-emotional learning can help children to manage their fear, anxiety, unease, and stress. (150 Words)

06 Feb

(06 Feb 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Of all the wealth harvested from the fields of India greatest portion is either appropriated by the intermediaries or is lost due to lack of adequate storage facilities. What steps are needed to be taken in order ensure that better portion of the value goes to the tiller? (250 Words)

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