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Daily Answer writing

30 Apr

30 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Q) The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a move away from exam oriented pedagogy. What advantages does child centered pedagogy gives upon the exam centered one. (150 Words)

29 Apr

29 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Elucidate the impact of absence of tap connections on the social relations in the rural areas of India.  (150 Words)

28 Apr

28 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Does the power to make regulations, conduct investigations, and inflict punishments, go against the principle of separation of powers? Discuss in the context of the various statutory regulatory bodies.

27 Apr

27 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

QUE) Discuss the types of immunities in the human body. Illuminate the factors on which herd immunity depends as well as the means to achieve it. (150 Words)

26 Apr

26 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

The employment crisis-induced as a repercussion of the migration in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be simply solved by traditional employment generation programs. Analyze the nature of skill sets of the migrant workers in India and suggest measures to meaningfully re-employ such people in this regard.

24 Apr

24 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

“The local self-government system in India has not proved to be an effective instrument of governance”. Critically examine the statement and give your views to improve the situation. (150 words)

23 Apr

23 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

The ‘tribunalisation’ of justice is driven by the recognition that it would be cost-effective, accessible and give scope for utilising expertise in the respective fields. In the light of this statement, evaluate the justice delivery in India through tribunals. (250 Words)

22 Apr

22 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Strengthening supply chains would be necessary to boost Hydrogen production in India. Examine-in the context of the National Hydrogen Energy Mission.

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