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  1. The evaluation shall be done on a First Come First Serve basis.
  2. Answers below 80 words, very poorly organised or unreadable shall not be evaluated.
  3. Answers after 6 pm shall not be checked. The earlier you submit your answers, higher are the chances of getting it evaluated.
  4. Answers are to be uploaded in either one image or one pdf format. (For Example- If you have written an answer in 3 pages, make a common pdf or image and then upload it)
  5. Always mention the city name/branch name in the bracket along with your name in a comment. For example - Aman (Chandigarh) Or Aman (Mumbai)
  6. No need to worry in case your. answers aren't evaluated for some reason, You can check approach answer daily at 9pm and learn the art of answer writing.

Daily Answer writing

17 May

17 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q. Despite various efforts to control the water borne infections in India, there is a room for more progress. Substantiate this statement with examples (250 words).

16 May

16 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q) Explore the importance of India's shared heritage as an important centre for Buddhist pilgrimage in the world. (150 words)

14 May

14 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q) Critically examine the role of WHO in providing global health security during Covid-19 pandemic. (150 words)

13 May

13 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q). With rising life expectancy and changing lifestyle, the incidence of Non-communicable diseases is rising. Discuss the challenges that India's health delivery system faces in addressing it. (250 words)

12 May

12 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q). No right can be ensured unless the society acknowledges its legitimacy. Examine in the context of women's right to terminate pregnancy under the Medical termination of Pregnancies(amendment) act, 2021. (150 words)

11 May

11 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q) Inflation in India in the recent times cannot be described just as ‘cost-push’, as abundance of liquidity has been an important factor. Substantiate (150 words)

10 May

10 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q). The ancient civilization in the Indian sub-continent differed from those of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece in that its culture and traditions have been preserved without a breakdown to the present day. Comment. (250 words)

09 May

09 May 2022, Question of the Day

Q) The global inflation in the food commodities has made everyday items unaffordable for Indian poor. Discuss the merits and demerits of export ban as a means to control food inflation in the domestic market, in this regard. (150 words)

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