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Daily Answer writing

21 Apr

21 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Unconventional wars are not fought merely on the ground, they are battles between minds of steel. What should be the approach to counter ideology oriented terrorism? Discuss in context of Left-wing extremism in India.

20 Apr

20 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Frequent use of Ordinance making powers of the President undermines the role of the Legislature. Elucidate

19 Apr

19 Apr 2021 Question of the Day

Though Model Code of conduct not backed by a legislation yet it enhances the powers of Election commission of India for good. Comment

17 Apr

(17 Apr 2021) Question of the Day

Que) The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the already strained social disparities. How does this manifest in terms of gender discrimination?

16 Apr

(16 Apr 2021) Question of the Day

The withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan would throw new strategic challenges. How can India reorient its policy on Afghanistan to serve its interests?

15 Apr

(15 Apr 2021) Question of the Day

" The behavior which shocked 50 years ago is now considered as normal and/or at best an aberration." In this context, should All India Services (Conduct) rules contain provisions regarding morality in personal life?

14 Apr

(14 Apr 2021) Question of the Day

1. In recent years the Health policy in India has put a greater focus on non-communicable diseases. Elucidate the importance of the National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professions Act in this regard. (150 Words)

13 Apr

(13 Apr 2021) Question of the Day

Q) What introduces friction into the ties between India and the United States is that Washington is still unable to find for India a position in its global strategy, which would satisfy India’s national self-esteem and ambitions’. Explain with suitable examples.

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